It happens to every one of us. At times, the determination, synergy, excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm just disappear. The difficulty is, a lot of the time we are not the ones who are calling the shots. We need to move to the pulse of our surroundings that continually requests that we stay alert, upbeat and moving. So what to do when you really don’t care about doing anything? Or when you’re overwhelmed because it seems there is an endless “to do” list and you just want to run away? The following suggestions may help:

1. Envision the Consequences
The worst case scenario is you will forfeit opportunities you are going after or you will lose your joyful outlook on life. When lacking motivation, think of how you will feel at the outcome if you don’t accomplish your goal. By picturing how you will feel, how you will react, how others will behave when you don’t reach your goal, may inspire you to move forward with your project.

2. Start now
Stop the mind chatter. Stop debating whether to start and complete a task or do something else. Stop the endless waffling of back and forth thoughts, thereby not making any decision to begin or ignore a task. Understand that uncertainty doesn’t work for you; it only fritters away your time. So why even go there?

3. Stay on track
So now you are taking steps, moving in the direction of your goals! Great! Now stay on track. It is not easy to stay on track because temptation lures you to abandon your goals and rest, relax or just become a slacker. Stay on track, however, ignoring the lure of traveling elsewhere. Keep your eye on the prize of accomplishing your goals. This will bring rewards you could never imagine.

4. Lust after it
Passion for your accomplishments, whatever they are, is a surefire way to complete your goal. Doing any task with passion and lust, makes every task an enjoyable journey!

5. Remember your “why” for doing anything
List all the reasons you want to accomplish a goal. Is finishing a task going to make a relationship better, going to bring you more money, going to complete your life’s purpose in some way? Remembering your why can ignite your motivation.

6. Be mindful of the inner critic
The inner critic is our worst enemy. Without fail, it whispers in our ear of failure, laziness, entitlement, lack of self worth and a myriad other tactics to take us off track of our goal. Don’t listen to this so-called wise fellow. If it is pulling you away from completing your tasks, it is certainly not doing so in your best interest. The best way to handle this is; if you feel peaceful about your decision, you’re going in the right direction. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable in any way, you are moving in the wrong direction. Your feelings will never steer you wrong.

7. Don’t even think about it
Five minutes prior to performing a task is believed to be the most uncomfortable five minutes of all. Hesitation and all of its disciples (see number 6 above) will kick in. The Nike tag line of “Just Do It” applies here perfectly. Don’t think - just complete the task in front of you.

8. Don’t pump yourself up
Even if you think you have all the motivation in the world, take the time to assess your project, understand what needs to be accomplished and then take each step in the process to accomplish the task. When you are “full of yourself” and you think you can do no wrong, a little voice in your head starts nagging at you that you can’t possibly, or you could never…and poof, there goes your motivation! Just be wise, take each step as it comes and you will be successful in motivating yourself to success.

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