You can produce your own CBD or cannabinoids at home using simple and safe techniques.

You do not need special skills or expensive equipment to make your own oil.

What you need

•30 grams of ground hemp buds (60–100 ground of ground, dried trim)
•4l grain alcohol (any high-proof and food-safe alcohol) Grain alcohol is the
best option because it doesn't leave any unpleasant and harmful residue. It is an excellent solvent for extracting small batches of cannabis oil.
•ceramic (or glass) mixing bowl
•fine strainer (sieve, cheesecloth, nylon stocking)
•double boiler (or set of 2 pots/saucepans with space in between when they
are stacked together)
•catchment container
•silicon spatula
•plastic syringe
•wooden spoon

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- Start by setting up your tools. 

- Place the hemp material in the mixing bowl, then put grain alcohol and stir the solution for 3–5 minutes using wooden spoon. 

- Mix thoroughly to expel resin. Make sure that your mixing bowl is large enough to contain the plant material and solvent. 

- Next, filter the solution into the drainer then collect the initial raw extraction and placed it in the catchment container. Squeeze the liquid. 

- Transfer the collected liquid to the double burner and heat it. Wait until it bubbles. Allow the alcohol to evaporate.
Keep the temperature at minimal level. You can also turn it on and off to keep the gentle bubbling of the solution for 15–30 minutes. 

- Stir regularly. Do not allow the solution to be too hot. When you see alcohol evaporating, carefully mix the liquid using the silicone spatula. 

- Your solution is ready. Transfer the oil to a bottle or containers before it becomes thick. Use a plastic syringe or pour the concentrated CBD oil to small, airtight and dark dosage bottles.

*While still warm, dilute the concentrated extract with coconut oil, olive oil or vegetable oil of your choice to make an excellent ointment for topical use.

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