What kidney stone? A hard, crystalline mineral material produced within the kidney or urinary tract known as kidney stones. It is also called as renal calculi. Kidney stones are a common cause of blood in the urine or hematuria and frequently severe pain flank, or abdomen, groin.

Nephrolithiasis is the condition for having kidney stones. Urolithiasis is the process of stone formation in the urinary tract and ureterolithiasis refers to formation of stones in the ureters.
Types of kidney stone:

Calcium oxalate stones are very common. They have a tendency to form when the urine is acidic, it means, it has a low pH. Some of the oxalate in urine is formed by the body. Oxalate and Calcium in the diet play a part but are not the only factors, which affect the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

Dietary oxalate is an organic molecule found in various vegetables, fruits, as well as in nuts. Calcium phosphate stones are less common. When the urine is alkaline, it means when it has high pH then calcium phosphate stone tend to form.

Uric acid stones are formed when the urine is persistently acidic that might result from a diet rich in animal proteins as well as purines-substances found naturally in all food but especially in organ fish, meats, and shellfish. Struvite stones result from infections in the kidney.

Inhibiting Struvite stones depends on staying infection free. Cystine stones result from a rare genetic disorder, which causes Cystine-an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein—to leak through the kidneys and into the urine to form crystals. How are kidney stones treated? Himalaya Cystone is very effective herbal medication to treat normal kidney functioning and Urinary tract health.

This herbal medication helps in destructing urinary tract infections and also in displacing urinary stones. Cystone helps to maintain healthy water management as well as it inhibits weight gain caused due to water retention. How Cystone is helpful??? Cystone helps in Kidney care by treating your kidney stones and Urinary tract infections.

Cystone inhibits examined and Saturation of lithogenic substances, the ones that are responsible for stone formation. Cystone is efficiently treated and also inhibits phosphate stones, oxalate stones, Urate stones, Uric acid and also Infection stones. It also used to treat crystalline that refers to crystals found in the urine.

The Chronic urinary tract infections, non-specific urethritis, burning micturition and Hyperuricemia (type of arthritis, which occurs when high levels of uric acids build up in blood) all these conditions are efficiently treated by Cystone. Are there any benefits of Cystone? You will get lots of benefits from the product Cystone.

These are as follows:

It is an herbal medicine to treat and inhibit Kidney stones This medication efficiently treats urinary tract infections It helps to maintain normal urine composition It helps to inhibit water retention This medication promotes regular Kidney health. It prevents saturation of stone forming substances Diet and kidney stone: By eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is the best option to prevent kidney stones.

As kidney stones are formed by a lack of balance of water as well as minerals, it is essential that one stays fully hydrated at all times and also try to avoid sugary juices, alcohol, and soda pop. A plant-based diet full of vegetables, fresh fruit and legumes will help to maintain the proper mineral balance in your kidneys.

It is best to avoid kidney stones by drinking lots of water, as dehydration and low fluid intake are the main risk factors for kidney stone formation.

Persons tend form calcium oxalate kidney stones might be recommended to limit food consumption of high in oxalate, such as rhubarb, spinach, Swiss chard, wheat germ, beets, and peanuts.

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