All living things especially human beings need water to drink. We need to consume plenty of water everyday to avoid water loss inside the body. We tend to get weak if our body lacks water because water fuels the cells inside our system to make us active again. Without water, we cannot do our day-to-day activities because we get sick and weak. So, it is important that water is replenished from time to time and to prevent ourselves from getting dehydrated.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration and in worst cases can even lead to death or life-threatening illnesses. If we loss 10% of water in our body and cannot replenish it right away it can lead to delirium. Furthermore, if 20% of water in the body is gone this can lead to death. We can live for several weeks to a month without food but not without water.

This goes to say that it is important to avoid water loss by rehydrating ourselves from time to time. We need to prevent dehydration and keep our body energized through water intake.

You can read below several other ways to prevent dehydration or water loss in the body.
1.) Know how much fluids you consume everyday. Fluids include the beverages you drink apart from water. Choose drink more water than any other beverage because water is the healthiest of all fluids.

2.) Carry a container of water with you. Wherever you go and whatever time it is, make it a habit to replenish yourself by drinking water. Before you go to sleep, grab liter of water and drink half and the other half when you wake up.

3.) If you’re into sports, drink water and sports drink. Sports drink contains electrolytes to replenish water loss and maintain the balance of your system.

4.) If possible, avoid caffeinated beverages and lessen your intake of coffee. As you can notice after your drink coffee or caffeinated drinks, you easily feel thirsty and your throat dries up. This means to say that caffeine can result to water loss.

5.) Consume 8-10 or more glasses of water everyday. Drink before, while and after working out or playing your sport.

6.) For athletes and gym buffs, don’t wait for your body to feel thirsty. Replenish yourself from time to time especially if you sweat a lot. Excessive sweating means you give out plenty of water from your body.

7.) Teach your kids the importance of drinking water. They should put into practice drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday or even more. Kids are generally active and playful thus they can easily lose water and get dehydrated if not replenished right away.

8.) Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol contains ingredients that can cause water loss and thus lead to dehydration.

9.) Wear lightweight and comfortable outfit when working out or playing outdoors. This can prevent too much sweating of the body. Change wet clothes into dry ones and never allow sweat to dry on your body. Take a rest if you suddenly feel weak or dizzy.

10.) Practice self-discipline. Discipline yourself by avoiding bad habits and by drinking plenty of water instead of alcohol. It is also wise to place oasis water coolers in different areas of your home so you and other family members can immediately grab a glass of water and replenish your body.

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