Whoever has said house painting is a daunting task is not completely wrong. It’s quite exciting to imagine your home starting to look absolutely new with a fresh coat of paint; but the effort that goes into the prep-job cannot be underestimated. Yes Prep-work is most important whenever it comes to flawless house painting jobs.   Prep-work means adding life to a paint job. 

Have you already selected the colours for the exterior walls? To make sure that the paint job goes as expected it’s important that you already reach out to the nearest hardware store to stock up brushes, rollers and sanders so that the work turns out effective. 



In order to maximise the efficiency and minimise frustration and also to extend the durability of the results a prep-work is necessary. Following are steps to go ahead with the job: 

Washing the Exterior Walls 

Whether its interior or exterior walls, the first important rule is to wash the surface so that the work turns out successful. If it’s about painting the entire house, start washing the exterior walls using a pressure washer. It will save you from extended hours of effort and time. For effective pressure washing it’s ideal to opt for a straight flow as it will help remove additives, moulds or stains which appear difficult. 

Furthermore pressure washing will add to adhesion capability of the surface allowing the paint to stick well. 

Scraping Off the Surface and Letting It Dry Up 

When it comes to exterior wall painting a common approach is to scrape the surface. Even most experts offering Exterior House Painting Services in Perth do the same. After the older flaking paint has been scraped off and the surface turns dry, you should be able to add a coat of paint on the surface. All you will need for a paint job is good scraping paper and elbow grease. This step is executed by a majority of Exterior Home Painting Services experts in Perth and is considered to be most effective. 

Caulking the Surface Before Applying Paint

If you come past any cracked surface, caulk it straight away. You may bump into such cracks while laying your hands on the vertical junctions. For caulking you will need to fill up these cracks or joints with enough caulk and then take off the excess that overflows from the crack, using a damp towel or rag. 

Take the Repair Works Seriously  

Before taking up an exterior painting job, it’s important that you focus on repair works. There can be areas which have got damaged or have rotted due to prolonged exposure to weather elements. Get assistance from a handyman to resolve such issues and then can you start with the paint job. Until and unless the repair works are catered to, it’s useless to proceed with the paint job. 

Applying Primer 

A necessity for all types of paint jobs, primer helps pave the way for a smoother surface which can be further coated with paint to get a suitable result. Prime up any exposed region of the exterior wall using an exterior-standard “oil-based” primer. The process will help seal the bare surfaces and create a barrier for air and water to seep in. 

These apart you must also trim off trees or shrubs that try coming in close contact with the exterior walls to ensure you have the best painting result. 

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The author runs a business offering Exterior House Painting Services in Perth. In recent blogs the author has mentioned fundamental aspects of exterior painting.