There is no way that any gambler, seasoned pro or newbie, can ever accurately predict when a slot machine is going to line up those all-important winning combinations and pay out a life-changing sum of money (or any sum of money, come to that). If anyone could do this, they would be millionaires immediately, and everyone would want to know their secret - click here. Of course, this would also cause the casinos to stop providing slots, so the fun would be taken away. 

So although there is no way you can know when a machine is going to give you want you want, there are ways you can improve your chances just a little, and the main one is to choose the right video slot machine. If you can do this, you’ll stand just a tiny chance more of winning (although remember, no one is making any promises and you could very easily lose). Here are some ways to know you’re choosing the right video slot machine when you’re looking for one to play. 

Understand The Odds

Slot machines all work on a probability factor. This means you can know what your odds of winning are before you play, and by understanding those odds, you can make a choice as to which is going to be the best machine for you. In other words, knowing the odds will give you an advantage in terms of picking the right machine, but of course it won’t give you an advantage in terms of definitely winning anything. 

Having a good strategy to play with and understanding the odds is certainly half the battle and a good way to get started when it comes to picking the right slot machines. 

Know The Volatility

Another useful tip when it comes to picking the right video slot machine to play is to know its volatility. Also known as the variance, you can use this as a guide to inform you as to how much you might expect to win or lose when you’re playing. 

Machines that have high volatility are machines that pay out only occasionally (but tend to pay out more when they do). Low variance machines pay out little and often. So if you’re looking for a big win,  you’ll need to stick to machines with high volatility, but if you don’t mind smaller wins (and not losing quite so much), low volatility/variance is better. 

Look At The Bonuses

Not all video slot machines have inbuilt bonus games, but the ones that do are also the ones that tend to pay out more, because it’s these bonus games that trigger the bigger wins. They are also more likely to need some skill to play them, so they can be a welcome change from hitting a button and watching the reels turn and then stop. 

Some bonuses offer more than others, so if you’re interested in playing a particular game it’s best to look at reviews on how to play and what is expected before you pay in any real money.

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