When buying a kitchen worktop, you have to choose between glass, wood, laminate, composite stone, granite or stainless steel. So you can see, the market has developed in this way and the choice for your favourite can become more difficult than usually. You have to do your homework about it and to establish which material can fit better on your expectations and needs. In fact, it is important to make some researches about pros and cons of the most popular, attractive and durable materials for kitchen work surfaces.

It is good for you to know that you have some major points which will help you to make the best and the right choice. Of course, there are many factors involved in the decision that you have to consider such as the money you want to invest, the durability of the material, the popularity of this and the time you can invest looking after it.

Watch out for the practicability of the material
First of all, you have to decide how far practical the material of your new worktop must be. For example, if you have children with you in kitchen, doing homework while you prepare dinner or simply helping you in cooking you have to consider the granite work surface. The granite can be found in a large rank of patterns and colours and can suit in any style of kitchen, making in brighter and giving to it a modern look.

Then, if you like cooking and do you feel like spending many hours in the kitchen per day, you also have to take a look under the granite worktop, due to its resistance to high heat. So, in this case you don’t have to worry when putting hot pans and pots on the worktop because it will accommodate with these and even will look great. The fact is that you should keep in mind how much do you have to use the work surface before go shopping and make the final decision.

Healthy and save work surface
If the granite is properly sealed, once in ten years, you can be sure that your family is protected against the bacteria due to its sanitary property. Take a look after the granite proprieties for a safe worktop before you decide.

The granite doesn’t require so much time to look after it, because it is easy to clean up with a soft cloth and some mild detergent. You have to pay attention to the liquids, because if they get in contact with the surfaces they should be removes as soon as possible to not interfere and remain in the granite texture.

From a non-conservative budget to a lifetime investment
You should try to stay away from a conservative budget when you go shopping for the granite because you will pay a little more for this material than for the others. You also have to include the transportation costs, the installation costs and the sealing costs which have to be done by authorized personal. Those are additional charges, after you choose the type of the material you want. The best thing in this investment is that it can be made once in a lifetime because the granite has resistance to heat, scratches and others and it will never fall out of fashion. Because it will always be on the market, the material will add value to your home and for sure it will become the resistance piece of your kitchen. The price of this kind of work surface is about £200 for a square meter.

Finally, the granite will always be a great choice for your home, due to its luxurious appearance and to its durability. Unlike its competitors such as glass, laminate, stainless steel, the granite can do the both: look great and serve your needs.

In order to buy a quartz stone worktop for your kitchen, you should pay attention to how durable, resistant to liquids and scratches, beautiful it looks and how many time do you want to spend for cleaning it. Also, it is definitely important to be found in many sizes and shapes so you can choose the one which fits in your room. Take a look at the granite to decide on the surface that would work best for you. Whatever you pick from the polished finished, the matte look or a glossy finish, the granite will serve your needs for many years.

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