Moving is an exciting and stressful event. In addition to being able to change your life and start from scratch, it comes with a lot of worries and packing. In principle, you can transport your clothes in suitcases and travel bags, but good organization will not prevent you from moving. You may also hire professional movers who will do all the job. Before booking check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Clothing weighs a lot, and during transportation from the old house to the new home, it must be protected from moisture and damage. It is advisable to plan the packaging of clothing in advance, as well as use suitable packaging materials.

Fold and/or twist clothing. Try to fold your clothes neatly and tightly to fit as much as possible in suitcases and drawers. It is best to fold clothes inside out so that it is easier to smooth them out after unpacking. If you are not afraid to crumple your clothes a little, you can roll them into bales.

To form a bale, place a large piece of clothing on a clean surface (such as a table). It can be a jacket, winter coat, or a large sweater.

Stack clothes on top of each other on top of a large object. Start with the largest size and move to the middle one so that the smallest size of clothing is at the top.

Now pick up one edge of the large garment from under the bottom. Start twisting it to tightly roll the entire stack into a single bale. You can fasten your clothes with an elastic band or elastic band for greater reliability.

Put your clothes in small boxes. As in the case of books, the weight of the garment is very much underestimated. It is for this reason that it is best to put clothes in small boxes instead of large boxes. Otherwise, the bottom of the box may fall out and all the clothes will be on the floor.

Choose Boxes About 30 x 30 Cm in Size. Larger Boxes Are Hard to Carry.

When you put things together, periodically weigh the box in your hands. This way you can know when it's time to pick up the next box.

Use suitcases to transport clothes. This is probably the most economical way to transport clothes (of course, if you already have suitcases). Just fold your clothes carefully and put them in your suitcase. Pants and t-shirts should be placed down so that there is room for shirts and dresses.

If possible, use suitcases on wheels. They are much more convenient to move to your vehicle and a new home.

Don't put too many delicate items in your suitcase. It is better to fold them freely or use a different method of packaging. Suitcases are best suited for carrying t-shirts, jeans, and trousers that can be ironed upon arrival.

Use wardrobe boxes. When transporting shirts, trousers, and dresses, it is important to make sure that they are not wrinkled. Wardrobe boxes have sufficient height and handle on both sides, as well as a bar for hangers in the upper part. They can hang clothes on hangers, so it does not need to be folded. It also allows you not to think about where to place all your hangers.

Find wardrobe boxes with a metal rod. If you put a lot of things on hangers in a box, then a metal rod will provide the necessary strength. In addition, such a box can be used several times.

Wardrobe boxes are not cheap. Use them only when necessary. Buy one or two boxes and put your most valuable clothes in them.

Put your clothes in the trash or vacuum bags. Trash bags are cheap and will easily protect your clothes on hangers. In the lower part of the garbage bag, you need to cut a small hole so that the hangers pass through it. Put the clothes in the bag. In the lower part of the package, you need to tie a knot and secure it with a screed.

Vacuum bags are also a great option. They are inexpensive, sold in almost all Department stores and will save you a lot of space.

Place clothing in vacuum bags, folded or unfolded, depending on the size of the bags. Close the top of the bag (usually they have a plastic clasp). Put the hose from the vacuum cleaner on the hole and remove the air.

After removing the excess air, you will get fairly thin bags of clothing that can be folded into suitcases or boxes.

Use tags for boxes. Indicate the following on the tag: season, size, type (dresses, jackets, raincoats, underwear), who owns it, and where to put it in a new home. You can buy ready-made tags for moving or make them yourself. You can just stick small sheets of paper to the box. Use strong adhesive tape.

Cover the tag completely with tape. This will protect it from rain if there is precipitation on the day of moving. The information is still highly readable.

Make inscriptions with a black pen or marker. This way they will not be erased during transportation.

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