Just a few years ago people managed to take care of work, the house, wealth - everything that was precious to them. Astonishingly we are all focusing on something called “stress management” these days. No matter the technological advances we made or how easy our lives are as compared to our ancestors, we still have to learn how to manage something not precious but as trivial as stress.

Human mind and body are the most magnificent mechanism sculpted by nature. Our body needs bio available nutrients and a mind that is restful. By rejuvenating and replenishing the capability of the latter, we are defining restfulness but enhancing that capability and finding peace sounds perfect and straightforward. Based on the lifestyle and the stress that everyone experiences nowadays nothing remains simple. We all know what causes trouble and yet we are still struggling with restlessness while seeking inner peace in the outer world.

This article doesn’t have something magical or spiritual to take you from restlessness to restfulness and peaceful, but the below tips aim to empower you with a few realistic self-help practices to get you going. Let us run through them.

1. Eat healthily and keep your mind calm.

• A healthy body means a healthy mind. Our bodies are essentially an accumulation of food that we eat. Also, chemical reactions that are generated with the process of digesting food help us build our bodies while controlling our emotions as well. It is of utmost importance to feed ourselves with a nutritional diet. Yes, food can affect our minds and the overall well being as mentioned in Nature-Love.de.

• Make it a point to eat a fresh, well-balanced nutrition-packed meal. Our bodies and minds function best if we have a 50% of raw foods that include greens, salads or fruits and 50% of cooked food. Avoid alcohol, processed foods, and sweet carbonated drinks.

2. Do something that helps you relax.

• Once you fed your body it's time to nurture your mind. It seems impossible to stop the continuous flow of thoughts. An effective way to handle this is to engage it in something that is pleasant, joyful and relaxing.

• Go for a walk in the woods. Experience places or something interesting with your kids, family and loved ones. Go cycling in the morning before you go to work. Play with your pet. Pets are an epitome of love as they can help you relax tremendously and make you feel loved in return. This kind of platonic love is pretty rare in today's world. If you have pet feel treasured and if not feel free to get one!

3. Practice Yoga

Yoga and its benefits are well-known to all. Those exotic poses and meditation sessions advertised to us may seem tough. However it's worth knowing that the human body is capable of experiencing life in all dimensions known and unknown.

• A simple inhaling and exhaling of air through thoughtful breathing called Pranayam can unlock tremendous energy and soothe your mind. Sitting and sleeping in the right posture can relax and replenish both your body and mind. Instead of fancying difficult yoga poses start with simple ones and gradually condition your body to extend higher levels.

4. Revisit your personal goals and adapt accordingly.

• We often over think and overstress not because our jobs or work is stressful. Many times we set impossible deadlines, might be surrounded by insecure colleagues or troublesome bosses or maybe a nasty neighborhood. Forced to match their expectations, we set goals based on how others perceive us, which is shown by research done from PSU.edu.

• Understand it's our compulsive reaction to such situations that cause stress, just because we don’t know how to handle our body mind and emotions. Rethink the practicality of your personal goals without fear of judgment. Set achievable targets and goals. You can condition your mind to be vibrantly active and yet relaxed in unfavorable situations by adapting solutions to achieve objectives one at a time.

5. Focus on the inner relationship.

• The internal relationship with ourselves is equally significant for a restful mind. Spend time and pamper yourself, shower some love towards yourself. Self-acceptance and being kind to ourselves is a key to inner peace (Source: Psychologytoday.com).

• Practice silence to communicate with your mind without overthinking. Build harmony with your mind by empowering it with concentration and blissful thoughts. Nature has designed it so amazing that it can make impossible feats quite painless.

Our minds are capable of showing us worlds that are wonderous and mystic. Its only up to us whether we allow a few hormones to control it or we take control over it. Life sometimes seems like a war zone. However, it's important to establish an open and positive approach towards it. Stop battling with the latter. Remember we human beings are not an anti-life form, but a form of life itself!

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