Communication can become a problem when faced with a language barrier. There is nothing more frustrating than traveling to a new place and realizing neither do you understand the road signs nor are you able to ask people for help with directions in their tongue. Of course, you can’t expect them to be conversant in the language you speak! So, what do you do? Here are some tips on how you can fight and win over language barriers –

 Use your body to communicate – Many languages around the world use a lot of physical expressions to convey their meaning better. So, if you’re struggling to interact with a language you only know a little of, use your hand to gesture or your head to nod.

 Talk to the locals – Agreed, that this can be difficult when facing a language barrier. But the more you speak and listen to the locals, the more you understand how the language is to be spoken essentially - which words to stress on, which words you can abbreviate and so on.

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Don’t let a language barrier overwhelm you. Continue learning and practicing your language of choice and you’ll eventually get better.