Digital Invites
Since everything is getting digitalised, why not invites? Go for a fun wedding video invite or just plain digital invites instead of printed ones.

Change venue
Opt for a mehendi or a haldi function at home or terrace instead of a banquet. This way you not only save cost but also make it a more intimate and cosy affair!

Online Payments
Ask your vendors to opt for online payments. Cheques and net banking transfers are ideal. Ask vendors for discounts as against referrals or even recommendations! Choose vendors who work online only.That should be the requirement.

Pensioners Are Useful
For expenditure outside of online payments which is miscellaneous change, banks give a higher limit to pensioners, so let your granny or grandpa help you with that. Higher sums of cash is given.

Cut out flowers from your décor and opt for fairy lights, candles and lot crystals. Looks beautiful in winter weddings! Use botanicals more and those that are local – marigolds and Indian gulab.

Friends In Need
Ask your friends to help out. They can help you DJ for an event or pitch in as a photographer for a smaller function. This way you’ll be saving a lot of cash in small ways!

Wearing old jewellery with a new twist is in style nowadays. Take your mom’s necklace and layer it with a longer necklace of yours. Mix and match instead of buying new stuff!

With demonetisation, if there’s one thing we cannot not do is to add too much variety to food. Good classic dishes are coming back and it’s all about keeping it simple!

Your lehenga might be your biggest investment so the rest of the outfits, you can do a DIY,Recycling, refurbishing mom’s old saris, even renting – everything works.

Honeymoon Fund
Instead of gifts, let your guests pay for things that matter to you. Like your honeymoon! You can give this idea to at least your really close relatives.

Gift registries are fast heating up the wedding space especially in the online sector you have so many options to choose from, go for anything that suits your needs.

Invite List
In times like these, people understand that the guest list must be trimmed! So don’t feel bad about making it a “close family and friends deal”.

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