How To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You For Someone Else: How To Make Your Ex Regret Not Choosing You

So your ex walked out on you and your biggest wish right now is to make your ex regret leaving you? Great! With this attitude you're bound to succeed! First of all, get a message to your ex that under no circumstances is he/she to contact you - at all!

By taking this drastic step, you are showing your ex just how strong a person you are, and that you mean business! No sitting around moping at all for you, even though your world has come crashing down around your feet. You are determined to get through this, with or without your ex!

Now that you have made this decision, go one step further, and make an oath to enjoy your life as much as possible from now on - you deserve it. To build up your confidence, go out and buy yourself some great new clothes and have a complete makeover.

When you get up in the mornings, don't bury yourself under the duvet and be miserable, go out and have a jog or a brisk walk before tucking into a great breakfast. This will start your day off well, and have you prepared for anything that may come your way. You are GOING to make your ex regret leaving you, no matter what!

Just as determined as you are to make your ex regret leaving you, have that same determination when it comes to enjoying your life. Go out as much as possible, and do the things that you weren't able to do when you were in a relationship - really have a blast! Remember, you have no-one to answer to now, so you can do just as you please!

You look fantastic, have loads of confidence, and are enjoying life so much that you look happier than you have for a long time! When your ex sees you again, and when he/she hears just what your life is like now that you're single again, is going to make your ex regret leaving you so badly, that he/she will make it a goal to try and get back together with you again!

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"I want to get back with my ex!" So you and your partner just broke up and you can't stand being away from them. It's been weeks and months and you really want to hear from them again. All you can think about is hearing their voice or reading an email sent from your ex.

A breakup is always difficult to deal with. If your goal is "I want to get back with my ex," then you should follow the breakup rules.

· The very important No Contact rule

· Never plead, never beg, never appear desperate

· Never let your emotions get the better of you

· Improve yourself and regain your confidence

· Take it slow, apologize for your mistakes, and don't pressure your ex

These rules are essential if you want to "get my ex back." But first, you and your ex are going to have to be in speaking terms again. How can you rebuild your relationship if you don't communicate?

Wouldn't it be great if your ex tried to contact you too? What if your ex decided to pick up the phone or send you a text message or email? This isn't impossible. With a few tips and techniques, you can get your ex to call you or send you a message.

Don't be discouraged if your phone calls and messages were ignored. Maybe your ex just doesn't know what to say to you yet. It's been awhile after all, and they might feel a little awkward and unsure about what to say to you. If your ex broke up with you, then it will be especially hard for them to call you back. They're unsure on how you would react.

In order to have more time to reflect on your relationship, you can give it a couple more weeks. Don't give up if your ex doesn't immediately return your calls. This will also give you more time to think about your mistakes and how you can fix it.

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If you want your ex to call you back, then you need to:

· Avoid calling them every minute of everyday because this will only annoy them

· Your ex will never call you back if you keep leaving messages on their answering machine of if you keep sending him or her emails

· You are giving your ex more power and control if they sense that you can't live without them

· Don't make up stories or excuses just to get your ex to call you back because it's just plain pathetic

· You can expect your ex to call you back if your message has no hidden agenda such as "please let me know if you would like to have your stuff back."

Another way to get your ex to contact you is through your mutual friends. Hang out with them and ask around. Ask them how your ex is doing and show them that you are also doing fine. Share what's been going on in your life and if you're up to something new.

"I want to get back with my ex!" Well then try to follow the tips and remember that our mutual friends can spread the word and your ex will find out how you are doing. They will be curious then especially if they find out that you're doing well. If your ex senses that things are pretty much normal with you then they might consider calling you to catch up.

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Looking to get your ex back? You're definitely not alone.

Thousands of men and women search desperately every single day for solutions to repair their relationship with ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends. Advice from friends isn't always reliable because they will often tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. With this being the case, many people turn to the internet for answers.

Online there are thousands of websites offering relationship advice. The effort to sort through it all and separate the good advice from the bad can be nothing short of exhausting. A simple solution is to search for good, comprehensive relationship guides that provide valuable content all in one place. The quality of advice is generally higher with relationship guides, and you'll often have a much higher chance of getting your ex back by following a guide rather than trying to figure it all out on your own.

However, don't be fooled. Not all relationship guides are created equal. After reviewing several different guides, here are just a few snippets of bad advice I've come across.

* Buy your ex flowers or expensive gifts to get them to take you back.

* Apologize for things you've done wrong in the relationship and beg and plead for forgiveness.

* Take drastic and immediate action to win your ex back or you'll lose them forever.

* Don't meet or date anyone new if you want your ex back.

This type of poor advice continues to steer people in the wrong direction and keeps them from winning back the love of their life.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

If you want the best chance of winning back your ex, select a relationship guide which exhibits the following characteristics.

1.) Quality Content That Goes Beyond Just Getting Your Ex Back

For example, a good relationship guide will not only help you repair your relationship, but will also help you maintain it and will help you move on if the relationship can't be repaired.

2.) Offers Specific Tips And Techniques, Not Just General Advice

A good relationship guide will give you concrete examples of what to do and what to say to help you get your ex back. It will give you an understanding of human nature and psychology, so you understand exactly why you should or shouldn't use a specific technique.

3.) Money Back Guarantee

Always look to see if a relationship guide has a money back guarantee. The best ones do. If you find a guide doesn't help you or isn't right for your specific situation, then you should be able to get your money back, no questions asked.

4.) Testimonials

An excellent way to gauge the quality of a relationship guide is to look for testimonials. If it's worked for a lot of other people, then chances are it will work for you too. If a guide says it works 100% of the time, avoid it. Not every relationship is repairable. However, a good relationship guide will have a lot of satisfied customers.

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Being as hurt, angry, and confused as you are at the moment, you probably think that there is no way that you will get your ex back. I beg to differ here. While things do seem rather hopeless and pointless right now, there is very definitely a chance for you to get back together again.

The one reality that you have to face is that both you and your ex have issues that led up to the relationship falling apart. Until these problems and issues are resolved, although there is a chance that you will get back together again, those same problems will arise again, and another break up will ensue.

So, what to do to ensure that your second time around is happier than the last. First of all, you and your ex need some time to get over the break up first. All that hurt and anger needs to disappear before you will be able to sit down, analyze your problems, and discuss how you're going to fix them.

My ex and I did just that, and I tell you it really worked. We were both so relaxed when we had a good talk about our problems, that we even found ourselves laughing about some of them! And yes, we did manage to sort through all the issues we had, and solve them as well.

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Just try it, and you'll see what I mean. Give your ex a call after a few days cooling off time, and I can almost guarantee that he/she will be a lot more approachable, and willing to talk things through with you. You'll also find that it is a lot easier to admit to your mistakes when you're feeling a whole lot better about yourself as well.

You accept these things just as mistakes you've both made, and won't end up using those mistakes to blame each other for things that went wrong in the relationship. Another thing, it will be easier to promise each other to not make those mistakes again when you're not hurt and angry anymore, as well.

My ex and I, (obviously he's not my ex anymore!) got through our problems and fixed them in record time - all because we were both feeling totally up to it. You can get your ex back this way too. All it takes is a little patience, determination, and, during your chat with your ex, even a little humor!

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