Knowing how to make someone feel important can help you give that special person the attention and appreciation they deserve.

Not all people are born with the gift for words or grand gestures. If you’re one of them, the following steps will show you how to make someone feel important:

Step 1: Actively Listen And Pay Attention.

When that person is talking, look them in the eye and focus on the topic at hand. Try to repeat bits of what was said, react appropriately and give a little of your own opinion. Oftentimes, people just want to be heard and to know that someone cares enough to really listen.

Step 2: Remember Details.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should remember all the details about that person, just the small but meaningful ones.

Learn how to make someone feel important by finding out about their family, friends, goals, hobbies, favorite activities and other interests. Find out what makes them smile.

You can use this information to make that person feel special and loved, especially when they are feeling down.

Step 3: Call The Person By Name.

Nothing sounds sweeter than a person’s own name. Calling people by their names makes them feel noteworthy and important.

If you are close enough with that person to know their nickname, use that instead. It implies a special connection and closeness shared between the two of you.

Step 4: Give Personalized Tokens Or Cards.

You don’t have to buy gifts to express your appreciation for someone. A great way to make someone feel important is to customize the presents you give by making or preparing them yourself.

Try cooking that person’s favorite dish, or bake that person’s favorite pastry. If you know what kind of music they prefer, you can also make a playlist specific to them.

No matter how simple the gesture may be, if that person can see how much effort you put into it, it will be much appreciated.

Step 5: Give Compliments.

There’s always something good about a person that you give a compliment to. It can be the way that person looks, their personality, their achievements, or even their choice in music. Giving genuine compliments never fails to make a person feel special and important.

The best tip on how to make someone feel important is that you express your appreciation in your own little way.

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