It would virtually cost you thousands of dollars to purchase solar panel to run your off grid home.

Over a few couple of years solar power systems have become more popular due to our tough economical times. Myriads of "solar power panels" are being established domestically regularly. Not every people can lower their energy bills but of course they could build their own solar panels which are environment friendly as well.

If you’re fond of making your own solar panels that can enormously reduce your energy bills with the passing months.

The most Important Component in Building Solar Panels:

Generally a readymade solar panel can end up costing you at least a few thousand dollars and I can bet not everyone will be willing to make such an investment. Probably this is the reason why more and more people are opting to build their own solar panels straightaway in their own backyard.

All the components that you require to build a solar system may probably cost you somewhere around $200 dollars depending on where you get the parts from. On researching the internet it has been found that the solar cells are the cheapest to purchase online — as low as $1 per cell.

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