If you want to know how to make small talk with strangers, then you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll teach you easy ways to strike up great conversation with just about anybody, whether you're super shy or bursting with confidence. Read on to find out how to make small talk with strangers!

Conversation Tip # 1: Introduce Yourself.

This is one of the simplest ways to strike up a conversation. Don't, under any circumstances, attempt to use a pick-up line on a stranger. They don't really work much unless the person in question already likes you. Be straightforward yet friendly. Walk up to the person with a smile and introduce yourself. Relax and let everything else follow. This strategy works even for those who are not as confident as others. Just make sure you know what to say next before making your move. For example, once the person introduces himself or herself back, you can ask them a question like "So how do you know the birthday boy?"

Conversation Tip # 2: Compliment The Other Person.

A friendly way on how to make small talk with strangers is by saying something nice about them. Stay away from comments that might be taken the wrong way and, unless you're an expert, avoid making comments with dual meanings or any sort of innuendo. That might get you slapped or worse.

Stick with the safe comments and try not to sound too rehearsed. Don't gush either. That's very unattractive. Simply walk up to the person and say, "Hey, cool bracelet. Where'd you get that?" Or "You dance very well. Did you take classes or something?"

Conversation Tip # 3: Ask About Their School Or Hometown.

Sometimes, you can pick up a few things about a person based on the way they look or the way they talk. One great way on how to make small talk with strangers is to ask them about it. For example, if you see a familiar face in the crowd and you think you've seen them around your campus before, why don't you ask them about it. "Hey, aren't you from NYU?" If the answer is yes, you can proceed to talk school stuff. But if the answer is a negative, you can still pick up the pieces and say, "Oh. Sorry, I thought I saw you around before. So where do you study?"

Of course, you should avoid asking them questions that might be mistaken for stereotyping. For example, don't just ask someone who looks Asian what China is like. Or don't just ask someone with brown skin if he or she had ever been to Africa. Learning how to make small talk with strangers is easy, especially when you get the hang of it. Don't be afraid of rejection. Small talk is just small talk. Don't set yourself up for anything more complicated than that.

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