Coffee lovers make their cup of joy and usually know basically how they love it. But having the barista of your own in order to make the ideal cup is said to be very difficult. If you want to know how to make a perfect cup of your favorite cappuccino on your home and avoid all the fuss, then you can start with knowing how dry or hoe wet you should make your own cup of coffee. This guide can help you perfect your process of making your own cup.

These days, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and various espresso drinks are in rage. They are likely to be costly. But at the fraction of cost, you can make your own favorite coffee drink at home. Now you don’t have to rush at a coffee shop. Traditionally, cappuccinos have the equal amount of steamed milk and espresso with a froth milk dollop on the top. If you are making cappuccino at home, then you can use a normal brewed coffee instead of espresso. This way, you can add a sprinkle of chocolate or cinnamon and serve the same in beautiful espresso cups.

• In either an espresso maker or a common cappuccino maker, brew your coffee. Add ¼ cup of espresso drink or ½ cup of common brewed coffee on one cup of cappuccino. Remember that the taste of brewed coffee is a bit weaker as compared to espresso.

• Mix ½ cup of your daily coffee or at least 2 Oz. or shots of espresso in one cup of coffee. When needed, you may include a spray of essence because old cappuccinos don’t come with added flavors.

• Froth and heat up the milk. You can do it in some ways at home. Using a frothing wand is the ideal way on espresso maker. In one step, it heats up and froths the milk. If espresso maker is not available at your home, then you can boil the milk in oven until it reaches the desired temperature. You may inspect the temperature by using thermometer used in kitchen. For cappuccinos, milk is basically heated from 120 Degrees and 150 Degrees. Heating up the milk on the top of stove in simmer is another step. Occasionally check the temperature by using the thermometer. When the milk is heated with immersion blender, never put on the blender until it gets mixed in the milk fully and don’t pull out.

• Add heated milk (1/2 cup) on the traditional brewed coffee or heated milk (1/4 cup) on the espresso. When it comes to add the heated milk, hold the creamy froth back with spoon’s back held over it when it comes to pour the milk on the cup.

• Put a dollop of frothed creamy milk over the cappuccino. Sprinkle the milk and cappuccino with chocolate or cinnamon or both.

Bottom Line

For extra flavor, you can dress up the finished cappuccino by using nutmeg or cinnamon and add the taste to the espresso.

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This post has been written by Ramanujan Sahay who is a coffee lover. He loves to share new information about cappuccino and italian coffee. His vast experience is valued in the industry which is considered to be growing at a fast pace.