Why do you need to grow your money?

Do you dream of having a beautiful house, car and all the luxuries? Do you dream about a comfortable future after retirement where you can sit back, play with your grandchildren and enjoy your life without having to depend on anyone? Well to make all these dreams come true, just earning and spending your income is not enough. You need to hold on some part of your money and grow it in a way that you never run short of funds in the present as well as in future. Growing your money is not at all difficult or complicated. It just needs the right planning at the right time. You can make more money from the existing funds in the easiest and safest way with the help of fixed deposits wherein you lock-in some lump sum money with a bank or financial institution at a pre-decided interest rate for fixed tenor.

How can you grow your money with Bajaj Finance FD?

The key to getting assured, high returns on your fixed deposits is to choose a credible financier like Bajaj Finance which has been accredited as MAAA(stable) by ICRA and FAAA(stable) by CRISIL. Moreover, being a company FD, it offers high fd interest rates as compared to bank FDs.

FD interest rates for Bajaj Finance FD have recently increased by 0.25% (tenor ranging from 36 months to 60 months) which means you can earn more returns on your hard earned money if you invest now.

Let’s see how you can use Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits to grow your money.

Invest in multiple FDs; avail flexible tenors

FD interest rates for Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits (FD) vary according to tenors. So you can invest different amounts in multiple FDs for 36 months, 60 months or 80 months. When you ladder your investments in several small fixed deposits instead of one large fixed deposit, you don't end up locking your money in an instrument offering a lower return than the current market interest for a longer period of time. Also, FDs with shorter tenors give your investments the necessary protection against inflation.

By investing for different tenors, you can reap the benefit of varying interest rates, and along with that if you need a certain sum of money, instead of breaking your fixed deposits, you can rely on FDs with short tenors that will mature soon. This way, you earn the entire amount due to you, without incurring any losses or penalties.

Choose a cumulative fixed deposit

Another way of growing your money is investing in cumulative fixed deposit schemes from Bajaj Finance. Cumulative FDs are those whose interest is compounded and paid at the time of maturity. If you are not in your retirement age, then you should always go for cumulative FDs where you get extra benefits in the form of more return on the compounded interest.

Go for easy renewals

To reap steady returns on your FD, get your FD renewed once it reaches the maturity date. It is better than re-investing in different FDs. Bajaj Finance provides an additional benefit of 0.25% increase in interest rate on getting the FD renewed before maturity.

You can start investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits with a minimum deposit amount of INR 25,000. You can easily make a smart investment choice by calculating the maturity amount well in advance using the online FD calculator -- just enter the investment amount and tenor and evaluate your returns. Additionally, you can manage multiple FD accounts from the comfort of your home using Experia- your online fixed deposit account. It is quick and user-friendly.

So grow your money and make the most of your present earnings by investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits.

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