How To Make Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Like all modern industries the beauty and skin industry has grown rapidly within the past decade. According to Finder the beauty industry in the UK amounts up to roughly 27 billion. This staggering size tells you just how big the beauty pie is. Reasonably enough, a large portion of people now depend on a slice of this pie to make a more than decent living. The eyelash extension business is one of the big slices right now. So if you are looking to make money doing something that you love but don’t want to work a job the eyelash extension business could be just what you’re looking for.

We’ve put together this blog to show you why doing eyelashes is a reliable source of income and what to do to make money from it.

Why work with Eyelashes?

Why work with Eyelashes?

Before you get started on how to make money in the eyelash extension business, it’s important you understand why even do it in the first place. Here’s a list of key factors that make eyelash extensions a good deal. To this day, eyelash extensions are the only beauty service undergoing a steady incline according to Nielsen Statistics. This is a key factor that makes doing eyelash extensions a reliable income source.

1) Irreplaceable by machines

2) Recession-proof

3) Great working flexibility (great for stay at home mums)

4) No age limit and no discrimination

5) Low start up investment

6) High job satisfaction

7) No need for a fancy establishment

8) No need for prior background in beauty

9) No need for expensive marketing tactics (i.e. fancy branding and paid advertising)

Questions to ask

To start off on any self-governed occupation it’s important to ask a few basic questions. Only after you have the answers to these questions can your journey begin.

First question, “What is my investment?” The answer to this is quite simple at first glance. Your investment is the time and effort you spend to earn qualifications. It will also include the time you spend on each client. Second comes “How much return on investment?” Quite frankly, this depends on the market value of your service as well as how much you expect to earn from your work. The third and final question is “What are the risks?”. To ensure you don’t waste your time on something that has very low chances of generating any revenue. With these answers clear now you can start thinking about how you’ll earn the most money you can.

How to become successful in Eyelash Extension Business

To be successful in any business you need a solid game plan. If you know what you want to achieve figuring out how to do it is a matter of time. If you’ve got the answers to questions in the previous section you are ready to learn the key factors of making money doing eyelash extensions.

1) Take your education seriously

Make sure your training includes every aspect such as application, product knowledge, removal of eyelash extensions, eyelash fills, sanitation and aftercare. You should also learn the basics of how to shape the eye. There is no shortcut to providing quality service without putting in the effort to learn the tricks of the trade. Enrol in training and complete it as thoroughly as possible.

2) Be the best you can be

Customer satisfaction is key to any repeat business. To ensure your customers keep coming back you need to be the best at what you do. Nothing translates into you caring about your clients satisfaction better than paying attention to their needs. Happy customers are loyal customers, and the only way to earn loyalty is providing the best service they could ever expect.

3) Follow up

Keep in mind that a client is never a one time prospect in this line of work. So keep in touch. You could even sort out future appointments as soon as your client uses your service for the first time. Decision fatigue is a real thing and customers aren’t looking to change their lash expert everytime. If you can give your customers reasons to continue using your service, it is unlikely they will find reasons to switch on their own.

4) Referrals will help

Referrals are the easiest way to boost your business without hampering your revenue with extensive discount offers. You can’t provide hefty discounts right off the bat, but you can give small discounts to regular customers for referring their friends and family. This not only helps boost your revenue in the long run, it passively engages customers in your business as well.

5) Most companies offer products at a discounted rate

No matter what the product, buying in bulk saves money. The cosmetic industry is no different. If you have a booming group of clients you can easily cash in on this. Aside from your services you can also sell products and even endorse them in your marketing campaign. If you can achieve high sales rates, there is a good chance your suppliers will encourage you to stock more of their products with flexible terms and conditions and lower capital investment.

6) Educate your clients

One of the important things to remember about customer behavior is everyone likes to know what they are getting for their hard earned money. On a similar note, it is difficult to convince customers about a service’s quality without them understanding the services first. Do not hesitate to briefly explain to your customers about the whole process so they understand you know what you are doing.

Educate your clients

Some Math for Motivation

Think about a scenario where you already make money from doing eyelash extensions. If you’re doing 4 sets of lashes per week at £100 per set, you’re making £1600 a month. But wait, if you have training on doing eyelashes why stop at 4? Go ahead and work 8 sessions each week. Now you’re making over £3000 with the same set of skills. The core idea of a good business is to grow. With this additional money you can expand your reach, buy a new car to reach clients further away, bring in newer expensive products for your premium clients and the money will bring in more of itself.

Ending Notes

If you’re passionate about beauty and taking care of other people’s needs, doing eyelash extensions is your dream gig. Not only do you work on your own terms, you also earn a handsome amount. Last but not the least, keep a clear vision of where you want to be in the next five years. Remember that, “Those who say are many. Those who do are few.” It’s better to stand out among the few than blend in with the many.

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