Nowadays day by day so many company and MNCs are hiring freshers or non-freshers’ candidates to Employee them in their organization and forgot Selected as an employee in any organization. It's very important to go through the interview And for an effective interview, it's very important to crack. All rounds of the interview So I am sharing some views that how to crack interview And make it more effective and efficient. I think somehow. I helped you out how to overcome the fear Of interview. India's largest job portal | Naukri hunter

1. Always be prepared for the interview overnight.
2.Its important that take two photocopies of your resume at the place of the interview.
3. Always be on time at the place of the interview.
4. It's very important how to present your self to the interviewer.
5. Keep on mind that first impressions are the last Impression.
6. Your body language matters a lot because every interviewer notices your body language.
7. You speak with your body language 70%.
8. Always show your positive side to the interviewer.
9. Confidence is good at the time of interview but doesn’t b in overconfidence.
10. Always go in a formal dress code or we’ll maintain and groomed at the place of the interview.
11. Be polite with the interviewer and make some.
12.Healthy relationships with Hr.
13. Always highlight your best skills at the time Of interview Because it shows your skills and talent It's very important to know that you don’t have to show your negative attitude to the interviewer.
14. Language is no bar at the time of interview.
15. Important is that how u make your conversation more interactive and effective.
16. It's not important that you have to only speak in English.
17. At the time of the interview but important is that in which language you are more comfortable and make you more Interactive.

Types Of Interview.
1. Face To Face.
2. Telephonic Interview.
3. Video Call Interview.
4. Assessment Day.
5. Panel Interview.
6. Group Interview.

Face to face –
Face to face round is also known as another name PERSONAL INTERVIEW(PI) Where interviewer take face to face round with the candidate and go through the CV as well as personally Interacted with the candidate, it's very common form of an interview To go through the interview and in every organization adopt this type of interview.

Telephonic round is another type of interview where candidates. Go through the telephonic conversation with the interviewer, it’s less time taking and also save the time of the interviewer or candidate because voice tone and conversation is also very important for any good reputed Organization candidate should have clear or confident over the telephonic round.

Video call interview is another type of interview Where interviewer takes an interview through video Calls like Skype, its also important to that to know that The candidate is professional or not, it’s for those candidates that are not present for the interviews because of distance issues. So it’s time-saving or also effective for the organization.

The assessment day is another type of interview where Interview takes an interview in assessments like through college placements or type of ROZGAR MELA OR MEGA Drive of placements. It's done in very large form.

The panel interview is a type of interview where interviews are taken by Panel or group of an interview, its very effective for the organization because Team of the panel judge the different skills, strength and weakness At the same time because the whole team is built with different skills and talent.

GROUP interview is another interview where interviews are taken in groups of a candidate. Its also known as a GROUP DISCUSSION ROUND, it's very important that how your team leader skills and how much you are interactive with your team, its also find out your communication skills and confidence level.

Some Pro Tips For The Interview:

1. Always maintain your CV in good form CV is not looking vague or clumsy.
2. Always update your CV whenever you go for the interview.
3.Authenticity and ingenuity our key to success.
4. Punctuality is important at the time of the interview
5. Always dressed professionally and formal dresses
6. Colours you can wear Like Blue, white or Patel colour.
7. Always enhance your strength not your weakness
8. Don’t b in overconfident.
9. Always feel positive at the time of interview if you got selected or not selected, hope is everything.

I hope that this blog somehow works for you and its beneficial for you for the interview so, all the best for your next interview.

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Er Arbab khan Sr. Seo expert and IT head at Naukri Hunter.