Adding a serving of bread with each meal is an excellent way to cover your daily carbohydrate dietary recommendations. Don't believe the false myths. Rediscover this food and enjoy it.

Making bread requires more patience than effort due to the long fermentation and resting times. Here we explain, how to make homemade bread, which is the essential preparation. Alternatively, you can also learn how to make bread from professional chefs in Singapore

Now that you see this simple recipe, you need to buy flour strength, baking baker fresh or dried, salted water to get it into the dough.

The recipe for making bread at home, although somewhat laborious, is simpler than you might think, and you don't know the wonder you're missing if you don't try it.

Besides, it is tremendously useful in these times of limited travel due to the pandemic.

Let's start:

1. Sift the flour, add the salt in a large container and give it a few turns to mix.
2. Mix the dry yeast in a bowl with warm water.
3. Make a hole in the centre of the flour and incorporate the water with the yeast.
4. Stir well with your hands until the dough peels off the edges of the bowl.
5. Next, flour a flat surface and knead the dough for about 10-15 minutes, or until it is no longer sticky and is smooth and elastic.
6. Make a ball, leave it in a container with greased oil and cover the dough with plastic wrap or a damp cloth so that it rests and doubles its size.
7. It will take between one and two hours. You can also leave it overnight in the fridge.
8. Later, knead it again to lose some air and form a ball with the dough.
9. According to the recipes you are looking at, a double fermentation can be done.
10. Take a baking tray with parchment paper and place the ball of dough on top.
11. Make a few cuts to your liking with a clean knife or box cutter.
12. Cook the bread at 200-220 ºC, at a medium height, with the heat up and down.
13. Leave it for about 40 minutes.
14. When it has browned, take it out and let it cool on a wire rack.

No matter how easy it is to buy, it is always good to know how to prepare them at home.

For example, as tasty as the bread from your favourite bakery is, making homemade bread with your own hands will make you love it like a child.

Cooking Class Singapore teaches us a simple recipe to make it at home.

It is effortless, and you only need four ingredients, which are repeated in all processes.

Foods rich in fibre produce a feeling of satiety, which reduces hunger between meals and thus avoids the intake of other more caloric foods, which results in better weight control.

The consumption of bread brings us numerous health benefits to adults and children, even for people with specific pathologies.

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Easy Homemade Bread for Beginners. In this guide you will learn how to make a soft and fluffy delicious bread.