How To Make Him Realize He Needs You: How To Make Him Realize Your Worth After Breakup

You were dumped. The pain that comes along with that is difficult to compare to anything else. You feel such a sense of rejection and even though some time may have passed since the two of you broke up, you can't seem to get over the loss of your ex. You know he made a mistake and you're not just saying that because you still love him so much. You are the woman for him and he just hasn't come to see that yet. You're probably wondering how to make him realize what he lost. If you are, there are things you need to be doing beginning today. If you want a man to regret breaking up with you, it's actually much easier to do than you may think.

Understanding how to make him realize what he lost is all about becoming the woman of his dreams. You already know what he adores most in a woman and what he finds irresistibly hot. You're going to use that knowledge to lure him back in. So the first obvious step you need to be taking is to focus on transforming yourself into the woman he'll come running back to.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Some people will suggest that one of the best ways to get over the pain of being dumped is revenge. Revenge isn't helpful in any sense and it's even less helpful if you're trying to get a man to regret breaking your heart. However, you can use some of the same motivation you'd feel if you were seeking revenge to get him to regret his actions. Getting yourself into better physical shape is just one example. You certainly don't have to change your entire appearance just to get a man to come back to you, but getting in better shape will help boost your self confidence which will prove incredibly helpful. Even just taking up some exercise on a regular basis will do wonders for you.

You also have to show him that life without him is full and rich for you. If a man sees that his ex is wallowing around in a pool of self pity he's going to walk on by. What man wants to be with a woman who feels sorry for herself? He'd much rather be with one who has so much self confidence that she can tackle anything and still have a smile on her face and a zest for life. Let your ex see that with or without him you're embracing each day to its fullest. If he sees that, he'll soon realize that he lost a dynamic, competent and quality partner.

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There are right and wrong ways to get boyfriends back when the relationship ends. Learning these is important if you ever want your man to come to you. If you do it right, then you may be happy with the results. But if you do it the wrong way, then you may lose him for good.

The right way to get boyfriends back:

· You need to be smart about this and understand that it's better to stay apart for a while. Take advantage of the cooling off period so that you can calm your emotions. Things can get pretty ugly if you try to reconcile too quickly.

· Try to act normal during this cooling off period. Don't let your emotions show if you happen to see your ex one day. If you come off as childish or bitter, then he'll know that you're really affected by the break up.

· Ask yourself if you really still love him, or if you just don't want all those years you've invested in the relationship go to waste. Sometimes, people want their ex back because they're afraid to start over. You need to be sure of your feelings before you contact him.

· Another reason why you should keep your distance for now is because sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give him time to realize what he's lost. If you loved him with all your heart, if you've done your best to make him feel special, then he'll miss that. He'll realize that letting you go is a big mistake.

· Take care of yourself. You were able to stand on your own before, and you can definitely do it again. This will show him that you haven't lost your confidence and self-respect. Find things to keep you occupied, such as new hobbies or spend more time with your girlfriends. This way, you won't spend your time feeling miserable and bitter.

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The wrong way to get boyfriends back:

· During the cool off period, don't send him texts, emails, or phone calls begging him to come back to you. You need to have some self-respect if you ever want him back. If you do such things, then he might smug because he feels he has power over you or he might just think you're pathetic and never want to see you again. Either way, you lose.

· If he asks you to meet him, don't go over board and assume "this is it, he wants me back!" He might be thinking about it, but jumping to conclusions might only disappoint you. Besides, if he sees that you're too eager, then he might change his mind about wanting you back.

· Looking depressed and defeated will not win back his affections. He won't be attracted to you if he sees that you're bitter or if you're miserable all the time. He won't see the confident woman he fell in love with.

· Don't lie to yourself. Telling yourself that you're okay when you're obviously not can only lead to more misery. You need the support of your friends, so don't push them away. Let them help you. You will never solve anything if you keep all your emotions bottled up.

It's not impossible to get boyfriends back. You just need to know how to play it right. During the break up, you need to prioritize yourself. Don't put yourself down and think that the whole world is against you. You will not accomplish anything, let alone get your ex back, if you let your emotions get the better of you.

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If you deeply desire to get your ex back, this article is intended to help you even if you feel like your situation is totally unique and completely hopeless. By taking the right steps, you can give yourself a much better chance of getting your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back regardless of circumstances. Know that you CAN win back the love your life.

This article briefly discusses 3 things you should do immediately to get your ex back. At the end, you will be provided with a link to an excellent resource to help you the rest of the way until your lover is back in your arms.

Get Out Of Panic Mode And Clear Your Mind

The first thing you need to do to win your ex back is to get out of panic mode and clear your mind. Going into panic mode and feeling like you must do something quick or lose them forever will lead you right into a trap. You'll end up pushing them further away and will be left even more down and depressed.

Relax. You've got plenty of time to repair your relationship. Even if they start dating someone else, there's no reason to panic. This can actually help you get your ex back in the long run.

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Take A Break And Avoid Contact

This is the biggest mistake people make when trying to get an ex back. When people want to end a breakup and get back together, desperation usually causes them to become more clingy, needy, and desperate. They beg, plead, apologize, buy gifts, and try everything they can to convince their ex to take them back. And they end up totally confused when their actions have the opposite effect and push their ex further away.

If you really want to get your lover back, you need to shift the dynamics of the relationship in your favor by taking a break and avoiding contact for at least a couple weeks. Phone calls, texts, and emails can be your worst enemies during this time, so you must avoid them and give your ex time to miss you.

Discover Patience

The first 2 weeks after a breakup will be the hardest to get through, but they are also the most critical for getting your ex back in the shortest time frame possible. It's important to be patient and realize repairing a relationship doesn't happen overnight.

Learn to take baby steps instead of trying to fix things all at once. Even if you've been apart for months or even years, it's still entirely possible to get your ex back. Your next steps are below.

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If you want your ex to fall in love with you again, try out these effective tips. Do not think there is a magic bullet to fix anything either. But try some advice how to stimulate their subconscious mind to do it effectively.

For now, leave your ex alone. They do not want to talk to you anyway. They are very upset with you and will ignore you for a while. You can do this, but it will take time.

Leave your ex alone, they are getting some well deserved time to themselves to think things over. If you are bombarding them with text messages or voice mails, you won't get them back. Just respect their decision and give them space.

Now, go work on yourself and see what changes you need to improve in your life. Keep yourself busy by reading a good book, going out with your friends and watching a movie, or try a new hobby.

After a while, your ex will calm down. They will be going on with their life. They will be missing your voice, your touch, your love. It might take a week, it might take a month, and it can take a year.

If you still love your ex and miss them just as much, then it will be time to contact each other and talk. Just simply talk on the phone. No seeing each other. Just hearing each others voices.

Then, everyday, your ex will be needing to hear your voice and want to meet to talk. Take it one step at a time. Start emailing notes or sweet texts to them, let them know how much you miss them and love them. They are subconsciously falling back in love with you!

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