How To Make Him Love Me Again After Break Up: How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Again After Breakup

One dilemma any woman can go through is to catch herself asking "How to make him love me again?" After a break up, everybody around you expects you to move on. That is the next best thing to do after a break up. But how can a woman move on when she believes that the person she just broke up with is her soul mate? You might be in a painful agony of letting yourself believe that you just need to move on while in fact your heart screams out his name. So instead of doing what everybody expects you to do, which is to forget him; you tell yourself: "I will find ways on how to make him love me again."

Acting desperate will just send your boyfriend away from you. Do not beg him to love you back or stay in the relationship. Do not let him see you crying over your break up. Show him that you agree on the break up and you are ready to move on. If you can also let him feel that he is rejected, it might be the feeling that will make him win you back, not you winning him back. Isn't that better? So it will not be you asking yourself "how to make him love me again?" but instead he will be asking himself how to make her love me again.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Tell him that you are also considering the option of breaking up. Doing this will give him a shock knowing that you have moved on with your life without him. Tell your ex how you feel that the relationship is not working anymore. Then after the break up, make him miss you. Cut your communication with him, do not send him text messages, do not send him an e-mail, and do not even check his Facebook account. Just completely go away in his life. Give him time to realize that you are really avoiding him. In this way, he will feel that he needs you back.

Getting for former lover back to you is a make or break decision. If you are starting to worry on a future without the man you truly love, there is help. Go on and take that risk of doing everything for your happiness. No one can else do the next steps toward your happiness but you. Tell yourself: "I am determined to find and make ways on how to make him love me again."

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Human behavior has been a subject of study since time immemorial but you don't really need to get a college degree to predict how humans react to certain situations. It's perhaps all embedded in our 'common sense' that leads our way in uncertain situations.

It's a common enough phenomenon that humans crave for things which seem unavailable to them. You've experienced it hundreds of times before in your life, but now you can use it to make your ex miss you again after a break up!

The recent break up may not be your first as men and women go through many relationships in their lives. If you are losing your wits thinking of ways to get your ex back, you need to assume the role of a confident, self indulgent and 'unavailable' ex.

Just stop going after your ex and move on with your life without thinking of your ex. Even if you meet up with your ex in a marketplace or if your ex calls, just try to keep the chat short and straight forward. And finally, make sure your ex learns about the new life you are leading very proudly and totally independently.

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Along the way your ex will make certain moves only to test if you have really moved in life or if you're only showboating. Your ex knows you inside-out so be prepared to face some tough challenges that will play with your emotions. You ex may talk about having a great time with another person just to check your response, but the best response from your side would be to wish your ex success.

On the other hand, if your ex partner tries to apologize for whatever he/she said to you leading up to the break up, just act as if you don't know what your ex is talking about and finally tell your ex it really didn't matter. In a short period of time your ex will feel abandoned by you and will start missing you.

And this is the point at which the same old human nature will pop up to play a part. Your ex thinks you don't have any time for him/her any more as a result your ex will start missing you and will seek a reunion. That's how you make your ex miss you again after a break up.

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If you want to make him want you back, you are going to have to tap into his pain. He is going to have to feel the loss of you. He needs to miss you. For a man to want you back, he has to feel it on an emotional level. I don't mean on your emotional level, I mean his. If you want to get him back, you gonna have to be tough and you will need patience.

If you have just been dumped, your emotional level is over the top. You are wondering: What did you do? What is he thinking? I wish I could just make him understand how I feel. These are your instincts, ignore them. Acting on these emotions will only push him away. It certainly won't tap into his pain or cause him to miss you.

The only way to get him back is to go in no contact. I know it's torture, but you have to think about long term satisfaction, not instant gratification. You have to remove yourself from his life. By keeping contact, you ease his transition. He never really experiences the loss.

Next thing you know, you have helped right into the arms of the next woman. He can still have you in his life, he doesn't have to lose you completely if you keep in touch. He doesn't feel the loss so he feels no pain. He will go out looking again, sooner than you think if he dumped you.

What if your boyfriend already left you? Here's how to get him back.

Have you ever been the one who did the heart breaking, the dumper? Have you had the person you dumped continue to contact you? Maybe he didn't want to accept that it was over. When he kept contacting you how did you view him. Chances are you saw him as a bit pathetic. It just reinforced why you broke up with him to start with.

That is why you can't contact him. You don't want to seem pathetic and you don't want his last memory of you as a love sick school girl. It just sad, and kills his attraction. You don't want him to feel sad for you or any pity. You want him to tap into pain, but not that kind of pain.

By not contacting him, he starts to miss you. If you have been together relatively a long time, this is sure to happen, providing you didn't cause him huge drama. By no contact, I am not talking a few days. I am talking until he contacts you, even if that is 1 or 2 months down the road. Almost all men contact the ex after a break up, it's a fact. It's just a matter of when.

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Since the argument that to your boyfriend walking out on you, there has been nothing but silence on his end. You are angry, hurt, and have no idea what to do to make things right. You miss him like made and would like nothing more than to make your ex boyfriend miss you too. While at this moment, this might seem darn near impossible, it isn't. There are some tricks you can use that will really make your ex boyfriend miss you, and desperate to get you back.

Have you been incessantly trying to contact your ex in an attempt to beg or plea your way back into their heart? If so, stop this behavior at once - this will not make your ex boyfriend miss you, in fact, it is likely to sabotage any efforts to get him back. Stop. All forms of contact - stop! Your actions to this point make it blatantly obvious that you are still head over heels for your ex and this certainly gives them an ego boost, but it also makes you look a bit pathetic. And chances are, over time, it will start to lose even that luster and turn into resentment and bitterness towards you.

Cut off all contact and act as though the breakup no longer bothers you - you tried what you knew to try, it didn't work, and you are moving on. If you've let yourself go during this time, hit the gym, get a makeover, and make sure you always look your best. Not only will this boost your self-esteem, it is part and parcel to your plan to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Go out with your mutual friends and show off the hot new you. Have a great time, provide lively conversation, and exude self-confidence, This will get back to your ex and his friends are likely going to give him a hard time for letting a catch like you go. You are right on track to make your ex boyfriend miss you, and he is going to want to see what he is missing out on.

When he sees the new and improved you he is going to be thrown for a loop - especially when he sees that you now elicit attention from other men. This is going to make him desperate to do what it takes to get you back before he misses his chance and you move on to someone else.

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