By creating a vision board you are creating a sacred space full of visual representations of all your goals, dreams and desires. What you focus on you create and the vision board when placed in a position that you’ll see all the time is basically a constant visualization exercise throughout the day.

Visualization is basically a mental exercise where you create images in your mind of things you want to do or have. You repeat this exercise daily, playing the images over and over in your head. When you're doing this I always advise to really capture the moment as if it's happening to you right now, see what you’ll see, hear what you’ll hear, even imagine what you’ll smell and touch. Whatever it takes to make this picture as real to you as if you were standing in its image RIGHT THERE AND THEN. See your self being successful in or living in your goals and desires right here and now, in the present tense. Visualizing is one of the most powerful mental exercises anyone can do, and according to many books(and something I personally practice and believe), The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience(good or bad) through the power of your thoughts.

I know many people think visualization is a lot of rubbish, BUT I promise you it's not. Today so many athletes and professional sport stars use this technique as part of their training every day with phenomenal results. Did you know Tiger Woods used visualization to change his swing several times leading to him winning several golfing tournaments and the list of professional athletes using this goes on, but that's another story?

Creating a vision board that focuses on your goals and desires brings everything you want to life thus making the whole visualizing so much easier and more powerful, not only that it gives you the burning desire to get up every day and work towards your goals.

So what makes a good vision board and how does it work? The most important thing is, to put things on there that trigger how you want to feel as well as the material objects you want to recieve. When the focus is on feelings as well as wants, it adds more power to your board and the more it will come to life for you.

The first and most fundamental thing in making a vision board is deciding what your goals are, what is it that you truly want in life. A question I often ask my clients is “If I could wave a magic wand and give you what you want, no limitations what is your first thought”? When you choose a goal it wants to be something that you’ve never done before. Something that will help you grow, that really inspires you and is something you really REALLY want.

Once you have an idea of what you want to work towards, you find something that replicates this, it can be a picture, a card, words anything that when you look at it, it reminds you of your goal and sets your intentions clear about this goal. I personally like to put my main goal slap bang in the middle of the board as your big goal is the one you feel most passionate and joyful about and when you achieve this all the other smaller things will come from this I PROMISE.

Another nice idea is to put things you have kept such as feathers, notes, pebbles or even things like a leaflet from a retreat or workshop you might have attended that was filled with powerful upbeat like-minded women like yourself, as things like this, when looked at remind you of the positive memories around the object and are an instant mood enhancer or it might be something you would love to attend again.

You can also add positive quotes from positive speakers or mentors you admire. I’m a very visual person so my board is made up of photos of all my goals, and the things id love to have, create and build. You can also write your goals down and be descriptive, then place them on the board. Some people have nothing but words on their boards. You can do some positive affirmations, and even a mantra or prayer related to your goals and intended outcomes.

Colors are another great addition, as they can often trigger great moods and memories, so feel free to add a splash of color if you want, HECK chuck in a rainbow if your heart desires.

The biggest rule here is that THERE ARE NO RULES! This is your board and it should be fun and having meaning just for you. It's also a way to tap into your creativity which believe it or not WE ALL HAVE. The purpose of this board is to bring your dreams and goals to life.

What do you need:

A cork board, poster board even a large piece of cardboard from a box as long as it can hold your items.

Glue, sellotape, pins, or blue-tack



Photos, quotes, keepsakes, reminders of special times, anything with meaning that will spark positive feeling or memories.

Pens, pencils, anything you might need to write, draw or sketch

Any affirmations or prayers you would like to add

And most important imagination and some uninterrupted time to really connect and focus on your board.

Create the mood

The last piece of the puzzle I like to do when doing a vision board is to set the mood. I personally like to light some candles, burn some oils or incense sticks and even meditate before I begin. Meditation just allows you to connect to your intuition and clears your mind allowing a more free-flowing and creative experience.

So all you wonderful propel who believe in their “Dreams” this is my take on creating a vision board and I hope you find it useful. Now go off and have fun, connect and let your imagination flow and create your own magical boards.

Love Light & Blessings

Gagandeep Siidhu

#vitaminG - Daily dose of positivity

Author's Bio: 

Gagandeep Siidhu is a certified life and happiness coach also known as #VitaminG
My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With extensive experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you attain your goals