So you got an assignment and you're now stuck. You need to learn how to make a video presentation and you got no idea on how to do so. Well, let me come to the rescue and help you with that. It will be easy so don't worry.

First, let me get things clear. Since this is a video presentation, I expect that you will be making a video and then place it in your Powerpoint presentation and then present it. Is that what you need to do? Well, I hope so.

Fast Way

Anyway, if you already got no time and you're in a hurry to finish you video presentation let me teach you a shortcut on how to do it. Just prepare your Powerpoint and place all the titles and outlines leaving some space to place video clips. So where then will you get those videos that you need? You can go to Youtube, type the content that you need and then choose from all those results. Once you found a good one, copy the url and then go to savetube and paste the url there. Just choose an output which will be video. Since you'll be using that for your Powerpoint presentation, you don't have to output it into HD. A medium resolution will do for you not to wait for a long time for it to download. When the video is downloaded, insert in in the space you provided in your Powerpoint presentation. That's it! Now you learned how to make a video presentation, the shortcut way.

Longer but Optimized Way

How about if you have a longer time? If this is the case then you can still do the things I told above. The difference however is that you can make your own video instead of downloading it from Youtube. So let me then share to you the steps on how you can make you own video. This will be a longer way on how to make a video presentation but it is more personalized.

1. Conceptualize an idea. Basing it on your topic, think of some crazy stuffs that can make your presentation more fun and interesting. In that way your audience will not only learn but will be entertained as well.

2. Write the concepts you have. It's really different if a plan is put into writing so jot them down. You can write a script for the video you'll be making to organize things. It will also serve as your guide during the production.

3. Shoot those videos already according to your plan. Get the script you made and shoot more than what you planned. Don't be limited with what you only wrote.

4. Edit the video. I do professional video editing and I personally use Adobe Premiere as my video editing software. If you are not familiar with that however, you can always use a free video editing software that you already have in your computer. If you are a mac user, you have an iMovie but if you're a windows user then you got windows movie maker.

After all those things are done then insert those videos into your Powerpoint presentation and you're done.

So those are the ways on how to make a video presentation. How to make a video presentation must not be a problem for you anymore in your next assignment. Just keep on practicing it and you'll soon get even better. Keep on learning on how to make a video presentation.

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