Having the yarn bowl is very helpful always! Many of us tend to think that this is just a pretty addition to our obsession, but that is not the case actually. Imagine if you are crocheting on the couch and the yarn you have is rolling around in the house, how much dust it would collect from it. But if you want that to stop, then you can make a crochet yarn bowl. It would keep the yarn from rolling and also give a pretty look to our addiction.

Now, I’m not going to give you a hard time making this yarn bowl. We would make the crochet yarn bowl using the stuff you have already in your house. It is going to be a crochet pattern for free, and the tutorial would help you customize the bowl for yarn.

So, let’s see some easy methods to make a customized yarn bowl using the same materials that are already at your home. There is no need to worry if you don’t have these materials at home, you need to take a short trip to your nearby hardware store.

What Will You Need from the Home Stash?

You would need a rope of about 2 cm in circumference and a mercerized cotton ( you can use it from any other project too). The point is not which rope and yarn you would be using if you like the outcome. You may use wool or acrylic also. This project may be thought of as a stash buster for you.

There is just one quick suggestion that you should not use some thin cotton rope on the rope. If you do so, it will hurt the hands when you try to crochet with such material on new strong material.

Materials to Make a Crochet Yarn Bowl

Let me share the accurate instructions for making the crochet yarn bowl. This tutorial is the key for you. You can also adjust the given measurements according to what you like. You make it more unique according to your own taste.
Here is what you would need:

• Crochet hook 3.5 mm
• Scissors
• Stitch marker
• Cotton yarn around 50 gr
• Rope (around 10 m)
• Yarn needle
The abbreviation I’m going to use is given below:
• sc means single crochet
The dimensions are 6.5 inches in diameter; 3.5 inches in height.

Yarn Bowl Tutorial

1. Make the slip knot on the crochet hook to start.
2. Hold your rope and working yarn using the left hand. Put the yarn for working under that rope.
3. Yarn over then pull it through. That way, you will attach the rope and yarn.
4. Now, go under that rope, then yar over. After that pull this yarn at the front side of the rope. This would be the first sc.
5. Do not forget to grab the small yarn end, which is between the crochet stitches and the rope. This would be very handy at the end.
6. Then form 8 sc. Make a circle by pushing fingers. The small end of yarn would be helpful here.
7. Put hook inside your first stitch then keep making different sc’s in the same way while the rope should be inside.
8. The second round has ended here. Also, add a stitch marker because we are going to work in the spiral.
9. Continue to increase stitches until the circle gets 6.5 inches.

So, this is how you would make a crochet yarn bowl. You can also make a bigger yarn bowl following the same tutorial. Happy knitting!

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