Conclusion Writing: Drawing the Final Essence

This section is the most important and technical part of a research. Drawing out conclusions from the data you have collected is the last part after going through all the hectic process of critical thinking and analysis of a hypothesis.

Conclusions are always drawn keeping in mind the layout of all the research work you have done. So, before drawing out a conclusion, have all the information in front of you.
Important Steps for Drawing Our Conclusions

There are three major steps in which we can discuss the concept of ‘Drawing out Conclusions.’
1) Streamline the Main Points

First of all, the most important thing before drawing out conclusions is to collect all the information in a single place. To streamline your ideas and information, you have to adopt the following measures.
2) Funnel the important points from the hypothesis and body

Lay out the hypothesis or the problem statement from the study. Organize your data from dependent variables under its hypothesis. Put the statistical data together with the hypothesis.
3) Assemble Relevant Data

Attach the information regarding the reliability and validity to the hypothesis. Also include the information concerning the inter validity as well as the external.
Ensure the Validity of Your Data

Quality of data always plays a great role in a valuable and standard research. So, before drawing out conclusion, it is very important to analyze whether the data is of acceptable quality or not. If the information or data you have collected is not valid and reliable then it is a better option to discontinue further.

Remember, if the initial data is not reliable then there would be no productive value of your further research. Statistical results and the analysis you draw always depend on the initial research. If the initial research of your study would be erroneous then you can never estimate whether the hypothesis will prove to be true or false.
How to Ensure Validity?

There are three main aspects of validity that must be kept in mind,

It is essential to keep in mind the strength of determining factors. Also consider the operational and functional definitions of variables.
To keep up the internal validity of the study, it is necessary to evaluate all the possible features of the research design. Remember, every feature affects the degree of control applied by researchers.
Finally, sample that a researcher is generalizing also produces an affect. So, it must be selected with great care to ensure external validity.

For any study, validity always plays a major role. It is also essential to decide the hypothesis with confidence.
Decide Hypothesis Based on Statistical Results

After getting ensured the validity and reliability of the data, now it is the time to decide on the hypothesis. Based on the results of your study, compare whether your results support the hypothesis or not.

For any scientific research project or arts paper, writing a good conclusion is the final deal. You can also go with several drawing conclusions worksheets and power point presentations to have a better idea on writing a good conclusion.

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