During the time of a divorce, individuals are often overwhelmed due to the many stressors. Some stressors may be the fact that your spouse wants a divorce, to decisions that need to be made but the uncertainty of how to answer them. Stress comes from the realization that even though your personal life is very overwhelming, your life continues and you must continue to function in daily life.
A divorce creates many challenges that an individual must face. A divorce requires that individuals produce documents about their assets and liabilities that require time away from work to obtain or time to spend on the phone to acquire the needed information. Divorce often requires that individuals attend depositions from expert witnesses to obtain needed input. Meetings and phone calls to your attorney are usually vast in number. The meetings are usually face to face and require that time is missed from work. There are also court hearings that must be attended. Most of this time and work must be attended to during the work day, thus time away from work.
Time and attention away from work to attend to business details concerning the divorce is inevitable. There are business details that must be addressed, due to the increased stress surrounding divorce, some individuals find that illness increases. When stress abounds, your body may become less able to handle the common “bugs” in the environment. This means that illness may become present and time must be spent away from work.
Employers are often faced with the realization that deadlines are not being met, completed work is not as efficient, vacation days are needed to attend to the various needs of the divorce and sick days are being used because of the stress accompanied by the divorce.
When these individuals are able to be present at their jobs, how focused are they? Concentration seems to be diminished due to the many demands not only from their job but also from the divorce. Staying focused to complete projects may be strained during this time. Listed below are five tips for maintaining your career while experiencing divorce.
1. Limit time to think about your family and divorce. This is often termed “thought stopping.” Yes, an individual does need time to reflect on the many changes and decisions that must be made, but the work place also needs your valuable attention. Allow time in the morning, at noon and evening at work to reflect on your situation, but this must be done in time allotment in order to be a successful employee. This allows you to control the amount of time you focus on the divorce and help train your thoughts to focus during work hours.
2. Remain healthy. The divorce process is stressful! Allow time for plenty of rest and a balanced diet. A parent must take care of themselves in order to provide adequately for their children. Help the children to also reduce stress and remain healthy during this transitional phase. This may help reduce missed time away from work.
3. Become educated about decisions that must be made before meeting with your attorney. This may reduce time away from work and will help you be able to make informed decisions. One way to become educated about parenting plans, how to actively prepare yourself mentally as well as physically, becoming proactive in the division of assets and liabilities is to purchase the Divorce Tool Box e-book and discuss issues of concerns with professional divorce coaches at divorcetoolbox.com
4. Keep your personal life discussions away from work as this will only lead to more distractions. Not only will co-workers feel the desire to talk with you but this may lead to problems with management.
5. Every day remember to keep personal and professional lives separate. Every individual at your place of employment have personal problems but the need to keep the two separate is imperative. Employers have expectations that you must fulfill even in the midst of a personal crisis.
Maintaining good work ethics during your personal crisis is of utmost important.

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Audrey M. Silcox founded Sildrey, LLC which is the home for Divorce Tool Box e-book and Divorce Phone Coaching. These products and services were created after Silcox recognized the need for those divorcing to have valuable information in order to make informed decisions. Silcox emphasized how divorce can be emotionally and financially draining, but with professional guidance, informed decisions can be made.