Dear friends, I'm getting daily DM's from people asking how to lose fat in a specific area of their body, and the answer to that is simple!

✅ Eat less calories (food) than you burn.⁠
You can't really target WHERE you burn the fat, but you'll most likely lose fat in that area sooner or later, if you keep burning fat Eat more natural protein in the form of eggs protein or quality sports nutrition.

❌ To make sure you're not just losing weight (e.g. lean muscle mass) and instead, losing fat, you want to keep exercising and eat enough protein, to mainly be losing FAT.⁠

Before I get questions from people asking: "What about reducing fat in my thighs?"⁠


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Fitness trainer of the second category. I work in Germany. I really hope to help people understand and balance their health. I hope my tips will hel you!