Impotence not only affects a man’s life, but it equally affects his partner’s life as well. Society normally views impotent men as less masculine. According to the society impotent men should be avoided and leave them insecure. But, surely questioning one’s manhood isn’t a great idea. Usually impotent men feel embarrassed and ashamed as this can lead to severe problems in a relationship with his partner. In fact impotence also brings along with it some feelings of insecurity or unhappiness. There is no need to feel ashamed because impotence can be cured. All it needs is proper treatment in the form of ED medications that have been helpful in treating impotence problems in men.

Male Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder in men which can be characterized by the inability of a man to achieve hard erections while making love. Impotence in men also happens due to the occurrence of weak, loose or no erections and also due to the inability of a man to maintain erection for long hours until the end of sexual intercourse.

If you are one amongst those many men suffering from erectile dysfunction problem, then here are many ways that have been discovered and proved helpful in treating the condition. But, over different medical approaches intended for erectile dysfunction (ED) in the areas of ease of administration, oral medicine therapy is now recommended as the first-line treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. One such medication that can be helpful in solving your erection problems is Generic Viagra.

Generic Viagra pill is the generic version of the brand equivalent Viagra. The branded pill and this generic pill work on the equal lines of solving erection problems, because both of these medications make use of Sildenafil Citrate, active ingredient which is found in these. Generic Viagra when consumed helps you to attain strong erections and enables you to respond to sexual excitement. When you are sexually aroused, the blood vessels within the male reproductive organ loosen and widens, allowing an increased amount of blood to flow within the penile area.

So,when the arteries in the male sex organ dilate and then harden the veins which normally carry blood away from the penile area becomes narrow thus restricting the circulation of blood and hampering erection process. Due to the decreased amount of blood flow to the penile area Generic Viagra enhances blood flow and suppresses the growth and production of the enzyme PDE5type from making more weak or loose erections. Generic Viagra is to be taken by mouth as needed and it needs to be taken at least thirty minutes, but not longer than 4 hours, before sexual intercourse. Generic Viagra comes in three dosages 25mg, 50mg and 100mg respectively. The recommended dosage of this pill is 50mg. The dosage strength of Generic Viagra may be increased up to 100mg. The dosage strength of Generic Viagra may only be increased after consulting with the doctor. Prior increase in the intake of Generic Viagra without informing or consulting with the doctor may have a bad impact on your health.

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