Girls, listen up! If you want to know how to interest a guy, then this article is for you. Truth be told, it doesn't take a lot to catch any man's attention. It just takes a few subtle and simple moves to get his tail wagging.

If you're ready to learn how to interest a guy, then read on!

Step 1: Go Against Type.

Girls are often stereotyped to be vain, shallow and dainty. If you want to know how to interest a guy, then you've got to stand out. Be adventurous and try out sports that aren't usually normal for girls.

Wall climbing or skate boarding will certainly add to your portfolio and intrigue the man you like. Skipping the salad and munching on a big burger will also make you stand out.

Of course, you don't necessarily have to turn yourself into a guy to get a man to like you. There must be a balance.

Step 2: Wow Him Once.

Once you have established yourself as a girl with no qualms about getting her hands dirty, now is the time to bring out the lady in you. Remember, I said there must be a balance.

Pick an event where it is appropriate to dress up and then make sure the man you like sees you in all your gorgeous glory. Remind him that even though you can be "one of the guys," you're actually still a woman - a girl that he can like romantically.

Step 3: Go Out With Another.

If you want to know how to interest a guy, then try using the jealousy card. He already sees you as a down-to-earth yet beautiful girl, now you can make him see what he's missing out on.

Find another man (who isn't interested in you romantically) and have lunch or dinner with him, and then make sure the guy you like sees you. You can even be seen walking around the office or the campus with your prop guy; and that will be enough to send his mind reeling.

Just don't go out with the prop man more than twice, because you could end up sending a message that you're interested in him. Be seen once, and then wait for the guy you like to make his next move.

Learning how to interest a guy can be quite an eye-opener. Not only will it boost your confidence, it will also help you discover what else you've got to offer.

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