Your IQ is linked to your intelligence. The higher your IQ, the better your intelligence is and the more you will be able to remember. Your IQ can improve over time, although your earlier years are when you will benefit the most. However, with these five simple tips, you will be on your way to increasing your IQ.

Keep Your Brain Working

The more your brain has to work, the better it will be. Think of it as a muscle – muscles need to build to become stronger and you can only manage this through using them more. This means that you need to keep your brain working to help develop it and improve your IQ. There are plenty of ways that you can do this and many are very simple (and fun!). One of the best options is to do crosswords or puzzles from a newspaper.

Improve Your Memory

As well as keeping your brain working, you will also need to help your memory. Unless you suffer from a disease that affects your memory – such as dementia – you can help to improve it. One of the best things to do is find a technique that works for you. Some people do better when they visualise something, while others will need to put the words into a jingle to remember. Do whatever works for you!

Look After Yourself

Getting enough exercise and eating a healthy and balanced diet are also required to help with increasing your IQ. These will help to get the right nutrients into your body and also improve your full health. Exercise and a good diet will help to avoid getting some of the illnesses that affect your brain, including high blood pressure.

Take Up Sports

Find a sport that you enjoy and take it up. You do not need to be good at it to get a better IQ – it is taking part that matters. By taking up a sport and doing it regularly, you will help to improve your hand-eye coordination and develop the sensors from your brain to your body. This will naturally help you to develop your brain, improve your memory and increase your IQ.

Sleep Well

Sleep is when your brain can wind down and process everything that you have learnt during the day. You need to sleep if you want to improve your IQ. Take the time to get yourself into a good bedtime routine that will help to relax your mind and body so you sleep as much as you need.

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