I found out from years of experience and from reading great books that the biggest problem or obstacle in human life is the lack of self-confidence. Fortunately, you can follow almost each of the eight following tips without spending a penny.

1. Spend one hour per day on positive self-talk: say to yourself the compliments that you expect to hear from your siblings, friends and acquaintances. A good self-talk would be like something this: “ Every day, my power, my strength, my self-confidence increase and help me grow and become highly successful “. Make sure you close or lock your door before doing the self-talk to avoid being considered a prideful person .Some people may not yet fully understand the reason why you talk to yourself every day.

2. Listen to music filled with positive words as long as possible, such as “The power of a dream” by Celine Dion or “Hero” by Mariah Carey! When we focus on positive songs , we will find many of them easily. However, if you don’t have those types of music, create your own positive music little by little and you might be surprised at the result.

3. Raise your two hands up above your head, smile sincerely and stand up straight while looking at the ceiling or the sky when you do your self-talk every morning. When you want to win a championship, do what champions do when they win, when they show their trophy to the public, and do it every day.

4. Discuss with successful people and ask them how they achieved success, if they are really successful, they will tell you what they did to get to the top. If you can’t find successful people, go and look for positive people or anybody that you think is self-confident.

5. Stop reading bad news in newspapers and magazines and start reading inspirational books and magazines instead. Your mind needs good news every hour to help you trust yourself more and more.

6. Read two biographies of extraordinary people everyday, in the morning and before going to bed. Look at pictures of extraordinary people and share their stories with others whenever you have the opportunity to do so. You will boost your self-confidence and other people’s too.

7. Watch inspirational videos on youtube.com and Dailymotion.com , such as Nick Vujicic videos and Pauline Victoria’s. Watch them every week if possible.

8. Pinch yourself whenever you say negative things about yourself, and change immediately the negative into positive words or phrases. When people ask you : “ What’s news?”, always find something good to tell about life, such as “ This is a beautiful and new day”, or ” My body has new cells” or “ I enjoy breathing new air”. And when you are being asked how you feel after having been sick, have the courage to say “I feel much better now” and you will see amazing results later on.

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Haingo Heriniaina Rajaonarison is the founder and CEO of RAJAONARISON INTERNATIONAL. He has designed three home study courses entitled: Everybody is a manager, How to invest your 16 hours for your success and The Malagasionaires. Those materials are on the way to “best-sellerhood”.The first step has been already taken. When your company needs a first or additional workshop or seminar on eco-leadership and synergy, please visit our website: www.rajaonarison.com.