A lot of people struggle with writing. Most of us know how to answer a question or write a short essay because of school but there is a lot more to being a good writer. Having the right writing skills is very important once you are in a university or in your professional life. If you can write a report or summary which actually engaged people, it will be very beneficial for your education and career. If you want to improve your writing skills, here are some tips that will help you. 

Create Outlines First

No one can just start writing and end up with something that has been written beautifully. You will be surprised if you ever saw how much planning goes into professional writing. Whether you are writing an essay, a novel, or working for one of the top dissertation writing services, you need to first create outlines for whatever you are about to write. 

Think of it this way - once you know the outline, you can work on the best way to reach the conclusion you want to reach. This makes the whole process easier and it allows you to focus on your writing skills. It also improves your writing a lot. If you write without an outline, you yourself do not know what will be written next, thus you cannot prepare your reader for it. If you do have an outline, you will know what section is coming up next and you can allude to it, which engages the reader and makes them think that you are a great writer. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing will make you better at writing than practice but there is a problem - most people end up thinking too much about what they are writing which ruins the process by making it too stressful. If you are new to writing you will be bad at writing - you cannot just become Oscar Wilde or Jane Austin on your first try! 

Here is a trip that may sound a bit stupid but works really well - most people stress too much about what they are writing because they keep reading it and are worried about whether it is good enough to show to someone else. Instead of storing what you write, consider destroying it. That’s right - once you have written what you want to write, delete the file from your computer or burn the paper if you were writing with a pen. 

Why does this help? Because if you know that you are going to burn the paper later, you will not worry too much about what you are writing on the paper. You will be terrible in the beginning, but you will be able to practice without worrying about what someone else will think of the writing. Then, one day, you will be about to burn the paper or delete the file and you will not want to - you will realize what you have written is good enough to store and show to someone else. 

Read Essays 

If you want to know how to write well, you need to read things that have been written well so you know what to do. Don’t just read novels or books - while they are great, they also have hundreds of pages to tell a story, and that makes it hard for you to follow along with the writing and learn from it. Try to read longform articles instead - they are comprehensive but reach a conclusion in 10 to 20 pages, which makes it easier to analyze them. Look at how they introduce the topic and conclude it, and try to write your own article in a similar way.

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Whitney is a creative writer and content strategist from M Tech. I am a graduate of the University of London. Currently, I write for various websites and working in Bestway Software House. I am interested in topics about self-education, Social writing, motivation and Technology.