When we were kids, everyone had the same level of speed reading skills. We all finished reading our books more or less at the same time.

As we grew older, however, there became a noticeable disparity in speed. Some of us were able to devour a book in a day while others find themselves plowing through the same book for a week!

If you belong to the latter, then this is your chance to improve yourself. If you belong to the former, well, a little level-up certainly won't hurt you. Read on to learn how to improve your speed reading skills.

Step 1: Keep Your Mind Active.

People with active minds tend to have an easier time reading and comprehending texts. Their brains are so used to processing information that a few hundred pages of prose or poetry is nothing to them.

So how can you keep your mind active, you ask? Easy!

Read books, solve puzzles or answer problems. Thinking keeps your mind working. Avoid spending your afternoons watching television - that's exactly what will turn your brain into mush!

Step 2: Dabble with Subliminals.

Subliminal software can help accelerate your reading skills immensely and in next to no time at all! If you're busy, all you have to do is download a program that specifically targets reading faster and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Although it sounds slightly unorthodox, subliminal programs are actually quite effective, safe and unobtrusive. Basically, these programs send your subconscious messages of positive intent. It's like having your own cheerleader!

Step 3: Keep Tabs on Yourself.

There's nothing like having positive results to help you improve your speed reading skills. People all have a specific number of words they can read per minute.

By knowing what rate you started with and by regularly measuring your improvement, you are reinforcing your mind to keep on moving forward. The better you get, the more you want to beat your record.

Keep in mind, however, that you're not competing with other people; you're competing with yourself. You may not be as fast as your co-worker, but you should at least be faster than the "previous version" of you!

Having impressive speed reading skills is not a requirement for employment, but it is an unspoken advantage. The faster you read, the faster you can comprehend instructions. This enables you to spend the rest of your time doing more worthwhile things. It's definitely an impressive trait to have. So if you're looking to start your self-development process, start with accelerated reading.

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