English subject is a relatively easy subject yet in countries or states where English is not the first language students may find it rather too difficult to cope up with English as a subject as well as English as a language.

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English subject is often divided into two broad parts, one is English literature and another one is English Grammar. 

In English literature, poems, stories, and novels are included while in English grammar, starts from basics like verbs, nouns, pronouns, etc, and gets high up to, essay writing, article writing, letter writing, etc. 

In this article, we will discuss ways in which students who struggle with the English language can easily improve their language skills, as well as improve their marks or grades in English subjects. 
In the English language, the most important thing is understanding the language. Until and unless students understand the words and sentences, they can’t increase their language skills. 

In school students are often taught the English language as they keep growing up. Depending on the class of the student the level of difficulty matters. 

For high schoolers, students can practice English speaking on a daily basis among themselves.  In regions where English is not the first language of the students or people living there, students may find it difficult to practice speaking of language in their homes or in the neighborhood, 

so the best way students can understand the English language is by trying to speak English among themselves in the school environment. 

Also, whenever something is taught in class students should always be attentive and focus on every topic that is being taught, and if they can’t understand the meaning of any word, they should ask the teacher to explain it to them. 

Another way to understand the English language is by referring to a dictionary. This is a very old technique but this is still useful, students can find new words from the dictionary, 

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and improve both their vocabulary and understanding of the words. Also using dictionary students can find synonyms, of the word. 

In order to find synonyms or antonyms of the word, students can use a booklet called a thesaurus. The thesaurus contains all the words along with similar words as well as some thesaurus contains similar rhyming words also.  
The best way to improve one’s English language skills is to start reading. 

By reading books, whether textbooks or English novels, or stories, students can easily improve their language skills by reading. 

Students can also start the practice of reading newspapers. English newspapers consists of a lot of good vocabulary words and even sentence. 

By reading newspapers daily students not only get information about the events happening in the world but they also get to improve their language skills. 

Also, while reading newspapers, there are editorials, and many such English language grammars can be found, reading which students can practice grammar which eventually would improve their grades or marks.   
Once the students have acquired the habit of reading they can start the practice of writing also. 

Students can simply start journaling or diary writing where they just write about the daily event that happened with them. Simple day-to-day things. Students can also write about their dreams and nightmare and what they aspire to be in the future. 

Simple writing practice can improve their hold on the English language easily. Also if a student decides to do journaling they can, also add words from the dictionary. 

Students can decide to learn 2 or 5 words daily as and when they can throughout the day, and practice those words by writing sentences that contain those words. 

This way students can improve their vocabulary, as well as their sentence formation, will get better. And since when we are writing anything, we also read and listen, students listening and reading ability in the English language will also get improve. 
4.Shows and movies 
Another way following which students can improve their English language skills is by watching tv shows or movies in the English language. 

Students can even watch animated shows or cartoons in English also. 

The more the students practice watching English visuals the easier they will improve their language skills. 

Also watching movies improves the accent of the students. 

In whatever accent the student watches the movies on a regular basis, the student will acquire that accent only. 

Students can also keep a habit of listening to English songs. 

Most students are very fond of songs, and if they start listening to English songs, which are catchy they will soon start to remember the lyrics and will automatically start singing the songs. 

Listening to music exponentially improves the language skills of the students. 
To master anything students needs to practice daily. The same is the case with the English language. 

Whether it is about writing in the English language, speaking in the English language, reading in the English language, or listening in the English language, students will need to practice all four of these skills regularly in order to improve, their over-all language skills. 

The students can practice the English language among themselves. Or while watching a movie they can speak the dialogues along with the characters of the movie, 

while writing also students should always have a habit of speaking out loud while writing, when the students speak out loud words or sentences, they not only practice writing but also speaking as well as listening. 

Students should also make a habit of participating in academic competitions like essay writing competitions, article writing competitions, story writing competitions, etc. 

Participating in these competitions will not only help the students to improve their vocabulary but will also help students gain self-confidence. Self-confidence is really important for students when they are learning a new language. 

The more confident they are the more fluently they will speak in the language even if they are making mistakes they will not feel embarrassed.

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