This article will explain to the reader how to naturally improve serotonin levels using brain entrainment. With a binaural beats download, it is possible to entrain the electromagnetic wave-patterns of the brain to those conductive to serotonin release. I will also be discussing other ways of releasing serotonin naturally, and how you can benefit from using these methods in conjunction with brain entrainment.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced bio-chemically from the amino acid, tryptophan. It is stored primaily within the gastro-intestinal tract, thrombocytes (aka, platelets) and the central nervous system. Within GI tract it regulates intestinal movements, while within the platelets its job is to aid in the healing of wounds. Within the CNS (in which approximately 20% of it is stored) it plays an important role in controlling mood, appetite, muscle contraction and sleep cycles.


One way in which brain entrainment works is through a sophisticated 'binaural-beat' technology, where a frequency partaining to a certain brain state is recreated through an audio-scientific method, and played to the user through a set of headphones. The brain then begins to generate wave-forms which replicate that of the said frequency. Thus, the state you wish to experience can be achieved through the use of the corresponding binaural frequency.

The frequency which promotes serotonin increase is approximately 10Hz - the 'Alpha' state. This has a direct effect on the mind, and through a feedback loop creates feelings of well-being and contentment.


Perhaps one of the most well-advised methods of releasing serotonin is regular exercise, around 3-4 times a week. As well as keeping your body physically fit, this has a profoundly calming effect on the mind, and when the mind is calm, worry is eliminated, thus enhancing your mood to one of glowing radiance.

It is also advisable to consume foods rich in protein - such as fish, eggs, nuts, cheese etc. Alternatively, you can purchase protein tablets, which are to be taken daily in accordance with a balanced diet.

Are you sleeping right? Quality sleep is more important than quantity. 7-8 hours is recommended, though if you are forced to get by on less, try to take a short nap around midday. Do not exceed one hour though.


Carbohydrates can give a quick lift, but are inneffective in stimulating the on-going process of serotonin release. It is important however to include them sparingly within your diet.

Caffeine, sugar and alcoholic drinks, like carbohydrates, give a short term boost, but actually impede the release of mood-altering hormones in the long term. Sure it's fine to indulge every once in a while, but a heavy reliance can spell trouble in terms of physical and mental health.


The primary concern for anyone experiencing a severe case of serotonin deficiency should be to alter their lifestyle in congruence to the points highlighted above, i.e. an alteration in diet & sleeping patterns, and the taking up of exercise according to a strict schedule. Brain entrainment should not be used solely, but as an enhancement to the treament.

However, if like most, you do not suffer from a severe case of serotonin deficiency, but experience the odd day of moody blues (like at work for example), then entrainment will assist in lifting your mood.

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