One problem that many firms are concerned about deals with stalled B2B leads. These represent lost business opportunities that could have been used by the company. This can have a huge impact in their business operations. There are a lot of reasons why sales leads get stalled. It could be the poor performance of your sales representative, particularly if you are using telemarketing as the medium of communication with the business prospects; the products or services you offered may not be a match to their needs, they may not need what you are offering at this point of time, among other things. Still, there is a way to deal with these things. You just have to take note of a few steps to be more successful.

First of all, you need to carefully monitor the sales lead generation campaign itself. You will have to take note how your telemarketers perform each time they make a call. You can use what is called a “customer –satisfaction survey”. You can start by having an automated e-mail system where prospects receive a message from you immediately after each call. You can ask them for a confidential feedback about the performance of your agent, whether they were professional enough and clear in their business discussion. You can also ask them about how they view your business, if you can fit their needs. You can use the information you obtained to help improve your performance in the next lead generation campaign.

Second, use telemarketing as a research tool. One reason why ‘dead’ business leads are not exactly dead is because the data you can still glean from them can be used as research material. This is where information retrieval and inquiry should be made. This will require some skill in properly pulling off, especially if the previous relationship is not a positive one. Your team can ask the listener to answer their questions as candidly as possible. The information you can gain from this is a great way for you to improve your lead generation process. It may be true that you cannot save lost sales leads, but this can help you do a better job in your next campaign. This makes the effort all the more worth it.

Lastly, based on the information you have obtained, you can get update the profile of your ideal prospects. This last part is very important, since this will define your capability in dealing with prospects. If you are suffering from lagging B2B leads, you might need to check you campaign parameters. Perhaps you are offering services that do not fit the need of your business prospects. It might be possible for you to snag more business leads if you adjust your offerings. You will know what to do if you can get more business information. This is what the two previous steps are all about. It can make your job easier to do. And it can further boost the ability of your telemarketing team to get better business leads.

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