People often come to me with the question of how to save this marriage of theirs. The following case-study demonstrates how to improve a marriage by practising the simple self-help method higher-consciousness healing as described in Tara’s book The Five-Minute Miracle. It is a typical result and everybody can achieve similar results with higher-consciousness healing.

Caroline, married, 35 years, came to see me because she was very unhappy in the sixteen year relationship with her husband. They had one child together and the second was on its way. I told Caroline that help in marriage is best achieved if she could bring her partner to the life-coaching sessions but she said he would never come and would even ridicule her if he knew that she was coming here. They had numerous conflicts about money and tidiness which left Caroline feeling as if she was the cleaner of a very tight man. I asked Caroline whether she thought that there was an even deal in the relationship and her answer was just a cynical laugh. She told me that their relationship was so bad that she wasn't even sure she wanted to save this marriage. She confided in me that she actually hated her partner and that she constantly threatened to leave him.

Caroline assumed that her main problem with her partner was that she was too insecure and far too demanding and asked me for advice on how to overcome these character traits. However, I reassured Caroline that her behaviour was not at all too demanding and that her situation could only get better if her partner changed. Caroline was dismayed by this because she had hoped to learn from me how to toughen up so that she would be able to put up with the inconsiderate behaviour of her husband.

I guided Caroline into relaxation so that she could receive her first healing-symbol from her Higher Consciousness, which was a pink rose. I showed her how she should breathe its pink colour to herself and then to her partner – with love. Love, I explained, means to wish somebody to be happy and when that happens the other person will be altogether nicer and more likeable.

Caroline practised in this way over four weeks for five minutes a day. She also promised her husband never to threaten to leave again unless she really meant it and asked him to change his behaviour around the house. As a result of this work her relationship improved dramatically. Caroline’s hatred completely disappeared and her partner – highly surprisingly for her – changed his behaviour in many ways for the better. He became much more considerate, helped more with the housework and became quite affectionate. Caroline told me with joy that her relationship was now ‘really happy’.

I was very happy with Caroline's improvements and I encouraged her to be more assertive with her needs in the future. However, Caroline found that extremely scary and confided in me that she and her husband had never had one single constructive conversation about a conflict in the sixteen years of their relationship. They either argued about problems or they ignored them. So Caroline’s next healing-symbol was to overcome her fear about talking about conflicts and to let its light radiate with love as before. Her anxiety reduced from ten out of ten right down to zero when she first tried her healing-symbol in the session with me.

A few days later she had her first constructive conversation with her partner about a conflict that she had never dared to talk until then. Caroline was very happy with the results of her sessions and is now able to practice higher-consciousness healing by herself.

For more advice on how to improve a marriage follow the simple self-help exercises outlined in Tara Springett's book The Five-Minute Miracle.

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