How to implement natural remedies for asthma in kids

Not many people know that asthma is a treatable condition and by taking, some precautions along one can get rid of this problem forever. Now a day’s asthma affects kids as well and this is a very serious problem of people belonging to this time. There are many environmental and health factors that cause asthma in kids, and one of the major factors is pollution.

Although there are medicines available for asthma but it is suggested that parents must always go for natural remedy asthma. Natural remedies for asthma are always better as it not only cures the problem but also increases immune system in kids. This will prevent them from being prone to cold and cough along with preventing them from other immune related disease.

Natural remedies for asthma in kids

As a parent, you will search for the best natural remedy asthma that will protect your child from this respiratory track problem lifelong. Therefore, here are some of the best natural remedies for the same.

Weight according to height

If your child is affected by asthma then you must first check his/her weight. Excess weight is one of the major causes of asthma and one must maintain weight with respect to height. Children especially must keep a check on their weight as otherwise later in life; it will cause other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, knee problem, back bone problem etc. weight check in kids is very important and parents must take it seriously.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the immune strength so well that a kid suffering from asthma will get life long relief if he takes vitamin C every day. There are various sources of vitamin C so you as a parent can add a variety of your child’s plate. Citrus fruits served as a salad or juice made out of citrus fruits will be one of the best natural remedies for asthma in kids. You can also give the soup of broccoli, bell pepper, cabbage, potatoes and similar other vegetables which are rich in vitamin C to your child.

Salt and water

It is said that one must drink lots of water in order to get rid of asthma or at least prevent the asthma attack but taking too much water will make the body salt deficient. if you are suggesting your child to drink water whenever he suspects an asthma attack or otherwise also, then you must also see to it that he takes the required salt to balance the salt deficient. Ask your doctor more about it.


Salmon is a very good source of protein and increases the immune system of the body. Give your child salmon three times a week, it prevents asthma attacks and make him/her strong from within. Steamed salmon with mint sauce will enable your child to eat it without getting bored.

These were some of the best natural remedies for asthma in kids.

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