Up to one in eight Americans is actually an alcoholic. Do you know a loved one who suffers from alcohol addiction?

You might want to know how to help someone with alcoholism. This isn't easy to deal with for family and friends who don't want to see him or her suffer.

And yet, it's important you don't make a mistake when trying to help an alcoholic. This can only cause them to become more disengaged and isolated.

Do you want to know our tips for helping a friend that is an alcoholic? Check out the below for our guide.

  1. Educate Yourself About Alcohol Addiction

Many people don't understand how addiction to alcohol works. You need to educate yourself if you want to help your friend.

You need to inform yourself about what alcoholism is and what causes someone to become an alcoholic.

This can be discovered through reading books, searching the internet and talking to other people who have experienced similar things.

  1. Start a Conversation About Alcoholism

Now that you have educated yourself about alcohol disorder. You need to find the right opportunity to start a conversation with your loved one about their alcoholism.

Ensure that you show that you simply want them with their addiction. Many people suffering from alcohol addiction can be quite fragile if you attack them.

That's why it's important to avoid accusations and negativity. Emphasize that you love and care for them. Even say that you're concerned about their health and drinking.

But, it's not only about talking with the person. You also need to listen to them to try to understand how they personally feel.

  1. Choose Your Moment Wisely

Be careful about when you bring up this conversation. You need to choose your moment wisely.

It's important to be able to have a conversation in private. Your alcoholic friend doesn't want other people hearing you.

You don't want any interruptions either. That also means that you need your friend to be sober rather than drunk.

  1. Stage an Intervention

You may decide after your conversations with your friend that you need to stage an intervention. This is when you gather family and friends together to encourage the alcoholic person to seek treatment.

You need to ensure that you try to make your friend feel as comfortable and safe as possible when you do this.

  1. Support Your Friend's Recovery

Unfortunately, there is nothing simple about recovering from addiction to alcohol. Your loved will require your support and love throughout the process.

You can't do this for him or her. But, you can always be there to show your support and help whenever possible.

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How to Help Someone With Alcoholism?

Now you know how to help someone with alcoholism. It's not easy to confront a loved one who suffers from alcohol addiction.

But, you need to be prepared for rejection and challenges ahead. With your support and care, your loved one can overcome alcoholism.

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Check out where your friend can send your loved one for treatment? Check out where the best drug and alcohol rehab centers here.