There are many ways to hang a poster or picture on the wall. Finding out what works for you is all it takes to get started. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to attach a poster to a wall. We hope you find a perfect match!

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1) Self-adhesive double-sided power strips

For those on a budget, these double-sided power strips will be the perfect choice. Just attach these sturdy tape pieces to your favorite poster and hang it on the wall, door, closet, or wherever you wish. Don't worry, they won't leave any annoying residue or stains on the wall! No hammer and nails are needed. The sturdy tape can withstand up to 1 kg in weight. Don't forget to apply good pressure with your fingers when the poster is on the wall to make sure it is seated.

2) Plastic poster rails

This is another more affordable option that also highlights the poster with a touch of elegance. Our poster rails attach posters to the top and bottom, which keeps the poster flat. Then just hang it up with a hook on the wall! We offer these poster rails in different colors and sizes. Choose the one that best suits your room.

3) Plexiglass frames

The more options for hanging the poster, the better! These frames add an even more elegant look than the previous two methods. If you have already selected a poster on our site, check if the size is: classic size 61 × 91.5 cm, mini posters 40 × 50 cm. We also have frames for art prints and posters for the door ! Choose your favorite color: black, white, silver, beech, oak or walnut. When the frame comes, you just need to insert the poster and then hang it up! It's that simple.

4) Custom Framing

This is our most exclusive method and highest quality frame. We have over 50 finished made of either plastic or wood. First, we laminate the image and then attach it to a solid back, and then add the custom frame. No need to worry about any bubbling effect! The lamination looks perfect on both classic posters and photographs.

One advantage of laminating is that it is not crushed like cover glass does. The matte finish also prevents irritating glare. These custom frames have a serrated back to make it even easier to hang it up. Our frames are delivered to the door wrapped in bubblewrap for a safe journey over to you.

Dull bare walls can be instantly changed by hanging a beautiful poster or an art print! You can always buy different pictures so you have some options when you want to hang it up. You will get a beautiful home that you will never leave.

We have poster templates for every need - from concerts to trade, conferences and quotes. Or design from scratch to create something truly unique.

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