Everybody who gets married understands that the relationship is strictly between the two of them involved. It is not expected that the relationship would be shared between more than two persons. This is one of the most closely guarded unions. The man expects no other person to occupy the same position as he in the relationship and so does the woman.

When a spouse has extramarital affairs, it's a direct blow to the exclusivity of this union. The marriage many times is badly hit and unless the situation is handled correctly, it could result in the total demise of the marriage. For this reason, we would attempt to look at what could cause these affairs and how they can be curtailed.

A lot of times, people engage in extramarital affairs because they think they would get some things they aren't getting in their marriage. The thing is that it would not make sense for an individual to be looking outside if they are everything everything they require in the marriage. We are only thinking normally. We are aware that not all cases would fit nicely into this explanation.

I have always wondered why a person won't get what they want from their marriage. My conclusion is usually that the couple are not communicating as well as they should. If there is adequate communication between couples, they are sure to be able to communicate their desires to one another.

I must also acknowledge that there is a gap between knowing the desire and satisfying the need. It's now the duty of the partner to satisfy these needs and keep their marriage safe. One fundamental things about marriage is the sacrifice that have to be made.

We have looked briefly at preventing the occurrence of extramarital affairs. As we continue, we would be examining a situation where a spouse is already having an affair. What should the other spouse do about this?

The first thing I always advice is that no decision be made in a hurry. Your marriage is not past fixing. You just need to go about it correctly. My first response is usually to find out how good communication between the couple was. If communication were what it should be between them, the chances of this happening would be really little. This is one thing I strongly subscribe to.

One great thing to do when you find out about the affair is to consult a marriage therapist. When you do this, you would avoid rash decisions and would be able to think things through properly. There might be a need to discover what must have caused the affair to occur. This is an ideal way of making certain it doesn't occur again.

I want you to understand that you can't get over the hurt and try to fix your marriage except you forgive your spouse. Your marriage doesn't have to be over because of the affair. You can really rebuild your marriage and still go on to build a successful one.

Don't give up on your marriage.

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