If you are an architect, congratulations! You chose a very competitive yet extremely rewarding career. To succeed in this field, it's not enough to create beautiful work. It is equally important to develop effective marketing strategies to attract new clients.

Many creatives, groan at the mere thought of having anything to do with marketing. A salesy, cheesy car salesman immediately comes to mind, and nobody wants to become that person. However, the realities of the modern world are those: if you don't market your brand to those around you, simply nobody will know about your exceptional work. Marketing is a vital part of any business' success, and of course, there are plenty of ways to do it in a tasteful, non-pushy way.

Below are our five tips on growing your business


1. Spread the word: One of the ways to increase your marketing without feeling too salesy is spread the word about what you do through networking with other people. A networking group, volunteering, or even your child's school PTA group. As you get involved in different organizations and share about what you do and how you can help, word of mouth will get around, and you will build a reputation in your community that will eventually bring you, clients.

2. Get insured: We can't talk about growing your architecture design business without a quick reminder that every business needs to be protected. As an architect, you work hard to make your clients' projects come to life. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, and you may find yourself in the middle of a nasty lawsuit that drains your resources. Professional liability insurance for architects protects you from the financial aftermath of any lawsuit arising from professional negligence by you. Bizinsure works with many carriers to help you find the policy that suits your needs.

3. Public speaking: this is another opportunity to engage with your community and bring your brand's awareness to many people. Speaking at conferences and hosting workshops allows you to talk about your passion and educate and help others all the while building a relationship of trust with your listeners. People naturally tend to want to work with those they like and trust, so after establishing yourself as a speaker, you will be at the top of the list for many.

4. Past contacts: this tip has less to do with marketing and more with good old follow up. Reaching out to prior contacts who have not gone forward with hiring you for the project allows you to open the lines of communication. Even if they don't hire you, they might pass on your information to someone who would.

5. Social media: In this day and age, no marketing tools are as effective as social media when done right. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are all powerful ways to connect with influencers that can promote your brand; to share valuable information that can help your potential clients and to share pictures of your beautiful finished projects.

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This is Arifur Rahman. Who is a professional SEO Specialist & Blogger. He has been working in this sector since 2015. He loves to share his stories, tips, tricks and teach the online readers