Before you ask, no, I do not want to change their identity. I do not want to create fake accounts on Facebook. I do not like to do on this way of doing things.

This method is very simple, it's easy to do and have to work out to be. It has been shown not only by me, but because it is almost identical to a strategy that almost all the bloggers who used the Internet: Commenting.

To be more precise, I my opinion on other fansites. But a key, you have to do, at first so that all the comments, we make goes back to your fan page and a further source of possible (or at least drop) of a new traffic.

In her fan page, a couple of options at the top right corner of the page that you can not see. I have a screenshot of one of my sites illustrate (right).

As you can see, makes the first option (below the list of directors) that allows you to change your identity and do not necessarily use Facebook, like himself, but the site itself.

This means you can now go to pages linked to the market or the interests of their readers and comments. Comments that are interesting and contribute to the side of another person. Maybe start a conversation with people on other pages. For example, to set "campus" my page for Channel 4, he could go and pages on the British comedy Fawlty Towers or Ala Verde or or any other television program. It could also comment on pages fan of actors, or pages that were created for the characters.

All comments will be open to a different way by the visitors, like the new site can occur. Simple, but effective, especially if you have any comments about the pictures and messages on one side, which is still active (rather than one that has very little activity on them). As you may have noticed that works just like blog comments.

Incidentally, I while I think it is an obvious way to increase fan page does not mention it because I assumed everyone would do it automatically:

Of course you can invite your friends, through the pages "Suggest to friends" at the bottom of the administration area on the upper right corner of the fan page. This is another easy way to help some fans to you on your way to the first 25 fans at the start of a new page.

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