In this era of fast lifestyle, changing eating habit, pollution and everlasting stress at workplaces the effect is visible on the skin. Predicting age by seeing a person has become almost impossible since skin has been aging faster than chronological age. Wrinkles, fine lines and roughness of skin are visible even in youths at their pre-twenties. The net effect is failure, desperation and more stress. It’s a vicious circle, but now the remedy is in hand. Glutax 30g infinity Anti ageing injection is proved to be very effective for recovering from all these aging signs and many other issues.

Composition of Skin Whitening Injection:

Glutatione- 30gm
Alpha Lipoic Acid- 200 mg
Vitamin E-600 mg
Pro VitaminB5-100mg
Pro vitaminb3- 250mg
Ascorbic Acid- 2000mg
Collagen- 350mg

Benefits of Skin Whitening Injection:

The innumerable benefits of this injection include the following:
This injection is made with unique combination of Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Ascorbic Acid. Hence, it provides superior benefits for skin such that toxins elimination from the body.

Removes fine lines and wrinkles.
Makes the skin lustrous and glowing.
Removes pigmentation effectively.
Removes acne and pimples.
Removes scars, blemishes.
Enhances flexibility.
Removes dark circles under the eyes.
Decreases melanin concentration and pigments.
Replaces dead skin cells very quickly.
Acts as a guard against UV lights.
Acts as a wonderful antioxidant.
Keep the skin’s moisture level at the right level.
Keep the body immunity system very active.
Enhances brain function too.

People undergoing treatment for cardiovascular problems, pregnant women, and people allergenic to vitamins etc. should avoid this injection.

Dosages of this Whitening Injection:
The injection can be taken intravenously or intra-muscularly one a week for a maximum period of two months. Thereafter the dosages can be reduced to one injection every month to maintain the achieved changes.

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