In a romantic relationship, it’s essential to ask for what you want and get your emotional needs met. There’s a balance between getting your wants met and fulfilling the needs of your partner. In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can express what you want, and have a chance at getting it with a balance of listening to your partner and help them get what they want.

Expressing your needs

The first step to getting what you want in a relationship is asking for it. It’s important to say to your partner “I need this from you,” and then explain why you want that particular thing. Your partner needs to understand why this thing is meaningful to you. That’s the first step to getting what you want in a relationship is expressing it to your partner.

Don’t assume

Never assume that your partner already knows what you want and need. It’s crucial to express what you need so that you two can be on the page. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you want. You're not demanding. You’re only asking, and letting your partner know “this is what I want,” and then explaining why.

If you don’t get it the first time, don’t give up

We all communicate differently, and maybe your partner doesn’t understand what you want. If you’re in this relationship for the long-term, it’s essential to be clear on what you want. If you didn’t get it the first time, you could explain it differently. Try phrasing your wants in different words. Tell them, “I didn’t get what I need from you; maybe I need to communicate it differently?”

Communication Differences

We all have unique ways of communicating, and you and your partner may not communicate the same way; especially due to the fact that f family dynamics and communication styles can vary from family to family. Some people have trouble articulating their feelings in words. Maybe you can write your partner a letter if you have difficulty saying it aloud. There’s no wrong way to communicate. Remember that it’s best to stay positive. If you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner isn’t withholding what you want on purpose.

Respect their needs too

If you’re asking for what you want, it’s important to value what your partner wants. It's your time to ask them, “what can I do for you?” And listen to what they say back. Listening is an integral part of a relationship. You want your partner to value your needs, and that means they’re listening to you when you talk about your feelings aloud. In the same way, your partner needs you to hear them.

Listening is a crucial aspect of a romantic relationship

You need to know what your partner needs so you can provide that to them. If you’re asking for emotional support from your significant other, for example, it’s only reasonable that you reciprocate that to your partner. Remember, your partner has their unique needs, and they want to be heard and validated.

You can’t always get what you want

It’s like that Rolling Stone song says, “you can’t always get what you want.” As much as you want certain things from your partner, they might not give those things to you. And it may not be because they’re deliberately trying to be complicated. It may be that they don’t have it to give. Some people have trouble being vulnerable. Some individuals shy away from emotional intimacy because of their wounds. You didn’t do anything wrong if your partner isn’t giving you what you want. The best you can do is to express your feelings and ask for your needs to be met.

Couples counseling can help

When you’re at a loss and your partner isn’t meeting your emotional needs, it may be time to seek additional support from a couples counselor. There’s no harm in asking for help if you are serious about repairing your relationship. Whether you’re working with a couples counselor in your local area or an online couples therapist like the ones at ReGain, couples counseling can help with your relationship needs.

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