Spring brings with it a sense of renewal. Flowers begin to bloom, grass inches its way up, and birds arrive chirping. Now is the time to get your home ready for the season and all its possibilities.

Follow these easy tips to prep your home for Spring.

Clean Exterior Windows

With all the new growth just outside your windows, you'll want to see all the grandness without the blur of streaks and dirt on your windows. Hire a professional window washer to get the job done quicker, or schedule a few hours to make your way around the house yourself.
Begin with a rinse from your hose. Fill a bucket with water and a little liquid dish soap. Use a sponge for the lower parts and a sponge mop for higher up. Rinse again.
You may want to follow this up with a vinegar and water mixture. Then use a squeegee to wipe the window dry.

Inspect Gutters

Spring and summer bring with them rain showers, which can challenge even the top-of-the-line gutters. Before those showers arrive, clean out any debris that has collected. Inspect them for any loose fittings and leaks, and also check the downspout connections. Consider adding extensions from your downspouts to direct water away from the foundation of your house.

Schedule Pest Control

Not only are we stirring at the first signs of Spring, but so are a variety of unwelcome pests to your home. Bees, mosquitos, ants, and even rats come out and take advantage of all that Spring has to offer. Before they can take over, contact your professional pest control company. If you live in the Southwest Florida area, Turner Pest Control in Sarasota, Florida knows exactly how to manage these pests before they get the upper hand.

Prepare for Allergens

Spring brings with it beauty, and also pollen, which can make you miserable.

To allergy-proof your home, start with replacing the air filters.

Keep windows and doors shut in early morning hours when pollen counts are at their highest, and also on windy days.

Other allergens can combine with pollen to make it even more of a challenge to stop the sniffles and itchy eyes. Humidity can climb in the warmer months, creating a perfect situation for mold to grow. Check to be sure your bathroom ventilation vents are functioning, and use them after every shower for at least 30 minutes.

Spruce Up Your Yard

With all the new greenery and flowers adding color to your yard, help it along by pruning any dead branches or shrubbery that has grown out of control. Place mulch around plants and trees to provide a clean look and also prevent weeds. Plant flowers and add a birdhouse for hummingbird feeder.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space

Springtime is just the start of spending more time together outdoors. To get ready for entertaining and relaxing, get your outdoor spaces ready early. Pressure wash your deck. Clean your grill inside and out. Also, clean your outdoor furniture. You may even want to consider adding a swing or hammock.

Preparing your home for Spring may seem like a chore, but the enjoyment you'll experience will far outweigh any time spent getting ready.

Author's Bio: 

Eric Leader is the owner of Every Body's Personal Trainer