How do you maintain a positive attitude while in the waiting period after embryo transfer (for IVF cycle) and preparing yourself emotionally for a possible failure? After several failed cycles, it is too painful to not try to prepare oneself for a negative outcome. It’s too painful to believe with all your heart that you are pregnant and then receive a call that you are not. I do use a meditation CD and love it, but it gets harder the last few days to get into that zone of peace the meditation usually brings.


Not to answer a question with a question, but here’s a good question you can ask yourself if you who have been through the ringer over and over again:

Where can you put your best focus?

Chances are if you are someone who has been through believing each month that you will get pregnant and then still get negative results, focusing on “I’m pregnant” is going to be really hard.

Instead, I suggest these using these kinds of statements as your focus:

I’ve done the best I know how to do.
I’m allowing my body to do the best it/she can do in this moment.
I do what I can do and leave the rest to Spirit/God/Universe.
No matter what happens, I’ll find a way to be a Mother.
I’m open to receiving the best outcome for this cycle.

See if there’s one of these resonates with you -- or if one inspires a thought of your own.

Your body knows your desire is to get pregnant and have a healthy baby at the end of nine months. Your job -- from a Mind~Body perspective -- is to find a way to have thoughts that match this desire.

Focusing on “I’m Pregnant” when you’ve had a lot of experience to prove it isn’t a certainty you are, puts your thoughts in direct conflict with your desire. You find yourself resisting the thoughts you are thinking and not being able to get into the flow that was easier to find during the first part of your cycle.

You want to pick a thought that leaves you feeling open and connected with your body -- not fighting it.

No matter where you are in your cycle right now, begin to think about what your best focus can be to leave you feeling back in that zone of peace.

(c) Jennifer Bloome.

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