Even if you follow the best cleaning techniques and use top-rated equipment and cleaners, there will still be some layers of dust around the corner to frustrate you. Dust is common in urban households, and most people get allergies from it. However, a common misconception these days is that dust is inevitable. The majority of the dust comes inside through the particles found outdoors. It can go anywhere, settle in the corners of your house, or even under furniture. However, if you're smart, you can avoid it. Professional apartment cleaning can be a way to eliminate dust. If not, these eight methods effectively prevent dust from entering your house. And most importantly, these methods are natural and don't feature the use of any harsh chemicals.

1- Prevent Dust from Entering the House

Dust in the form of pollen grains, animal hair, and dirt comes mainly from the exterior parts of your house. This makes it clear that it will stick first to the areas close to it. For example, you will find window sills and curtains full of dust after some time. In that case, your first line of defense should be precautions. Keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible during the daytime. Place a shoe rack near the front door, as they carry most of the dirt inside the house.

2- Keep Your Hard Flooring Clean

Hard flooring will naturally get dirty if you don't take care of it more often. Especially hard-to-reach areas, such as the corners of the rooms, feature most of the dust. If you have time, you should clean the floors daily. The best process used by professional apartment cleaning services is vacuuming, then mopping the floors with warm water. If there is hardwood flooring, experts recommend using a top-rated wood cleaner.

3- Change the Sheets and Clean the Pillows

Bedrooms are prone to dirt and dust, and a bed is the main hub of it. To prevent allergies caused by dust on the bed, you should consider changing bedsheets. Make sure you wash all of your sheets weekly. However, changing sheets is half a chore. Changing the covers on the pillows is equally important. Therefore, machine wash or hand wash your pillow covers using a mild detergent. After that, be sure to dry it. You can even take it to dry cleaning if that seems like a hassle. Keeping your pillow clean will help you breathe easier at night. Although, you can invest in anti-allergy sheeting options available in the market.

4- Welcome Mat

As previously mentioned, dust control is a large part of preventing it from entering your home. Therefore, place a welcome mat outside the front door, so everyone can dust off their shoes before entering the house. Another good practice is installing two mats inside and outside to trap nasty dust easily.

5- Remove Unnecessary Clutter

As soon as your house becomes cluttered with so many things, dust can easily accumulate. On the contrary, when the house is big, nice looking, and clean, the removal of dust becomes easier. Therefore, get rid of things you don't need. When removing dust from the house, paper items and clothes are a common enemy. Professional apartment cleaning services suggest avoiding stacking papers and clothes inside the rooms and using storage boxes for them.

6- Air Purifier

With the advancement of technology, people have moved towards modern ways to remove dust from the house. Although vacuum cleaners have made lives easier, an air purifier is nothing but peace of mind. Having an air purifier placed near the front door will automatically make the environment healthy for living by trapping dust naturally.

7- Manage your Pets

It is clear that you can't trap your pets inside the house for a whole day. They will try to sneak outside and bring a lot of dirt in return. If you can't keep them inside, make sure to wash them daily. Keeping your pets clean will ensure that less dirt will enter your house.

8- Say No to Carpeting

If you are considering getting carpet flooring, consider changing your thoughts as they attract the most dust. Dirt accumulates quickly on carpets, and you will have to vacuum clean them daily. However, a normal vacuum cleaner becomes useless when the dust sticks permanently to the carpet. Therefore, you must always consider hardwood or tile flooring to avoid dust.
A house full of dust is a genuine headache. And the situation quickly gets worse if not dealt with soon. Professional apartment cleaning services suggest that the perfect way of removing dust from a house is regularly cleaning it. Therefore, these companies provide the best possible services near you. However, if you want to do it yourself, constantly wipe the areas where dust remains and follow the above-mentioned steps for a dust-free house.

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