How To Get Pregnant Positions: I Want To Get Pregnant

Can sexual positions really help you get pregnant? The best pregnant positions can help you to conceive. There are many things you can do to help your chances of getting pregnant. Choosing the right sexual position during intercourse is just one of them.

If you are trying to conceive be sure to do everything you can to increase your chances. Take good care of your health, see your doctor, make sure you do not smoke, and know your ovulation cycles. After that, make sure you use the correct positions during sex.

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Try to avoid any position that lets gravity work against you. Any position that involves the woman standing up or straddling her partner can cause the sperm to leak out. Hey, those little guys have enough of an upstream battle to reach their destination. Do what you can to help them out. Do not let gravity pull them in the wrong direction.

Instead use positions that will allow the sperm to get as close to the cervix as possible then "help" gravity move them along. The best position to help with conception is the good old tried and true "missionary" position.

It is true the man on top missionary position allows for the deepest penetration. Deeper penetration means that when the man ejaculates the sperm will be much closer to their destination.

Afterwards lie in bed for a short while (about 30 minutes) and relax. This will allow the sperm to move along, again keeping gravity from moving them in the wrong direction. You may even want to place a pillow under your hips to, once again, help things move along.

So if you are wondering what the best pregnant positions are they are positions that allow for the deepest penetration during intercourse, the missionary position being the best. But most importantly, relax and have fun!

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I often hear from women who are wondering how having an orgasm might figure into their ability to conceive a certain gender. Many are confused about when to abstain and when it's fine with to go ahead and have sex with an orgasm. Obviously, it's necessary for the man to achieve this release so that conception can occur. But this isn't true for the woman.

I heard from someone who said: "my husband and I are going to begin trying to conceive next month. I really want a girl baby. One of my friends told me that I must avoid orgasm if I want a girl. She said I should stop having orgasms once my period starts because you want to abstain as ovulation is approaching. Is this true? Do you have to avoid orgasms before ovulation? Because that sounds like a lot of work and planning."

This Only Matters When You Are Actively Trying To Conceive: It certainly would take some planning and restraint if this were completely accurate. But it's not. You don't have to worry about abstaining or orgasms until you are actively trying to become pregnant. If you are trying for a girl baby as this woman was, then you want to begin having intercourse as early as three days before ovulation happens.

In order to get the timing right, you'll need to track your cycle. There are various ways to do this. Some use the basal temperature method. Others monitor cervical changes. Many others use ovulation predictors. (This is the method that I believe is easiest and the most reliable when you are trying for a girl.) Once you determine that you are a few days before your expected ovulation day, then you need to realize that sex at this time could result in a pregnancy.

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Whether Orgasm Is Beneficial Or Detrimental Depends On Which Gender You Want To Conceive: So if you care about which gender you conceive, then this is the time period where you will need to be put yourself in the best position to get the gender that you want. For a girl baby, this means having sex before ovulation and avoiding orgasm when you do. (The reason for this is the these bodily secretions make your vagina more alkaline and this favors boy sperm.) You also want to use shallow penetration and you want to make sure that your vaginal PH is acidic rather than alkaline when you're trying for a daughter.

But this regimen only needs to happen when you are trying to conceive. You don't have to worry about any of this when you are only having recreational sex at other times during the month. Additionally, the number of orgasms that you have doesn't particularly matter. Only one can make you alkaline rather than acidic right before ovulation and conception. But several won't make a bit of difference if you are outside of your fertility window.

Not only that, but any changes to your PH are short lived after orgasm. Your PH will eventually resort back to its normal level relatively quickly. (This is why you will often need to douche more than once per fertility when you are using this method to change your PH.)

Of course, if you wanted a boy baby rather than a girl, you can have as many orgasms as you want as this will actually make you more alkaline which is what you want if you're trying for a son. So to answer the question posed, orgasms only come into play when you know that you can (and are actively trying to) conceive. You need to be within days of your ovulation day. For a girl baby, the woman does want to avoid orgasm only at this fertile time period. But if a boy baby is desired, then an orgasm around ovulation is actually beneficial.

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Vaginal odor is mostly an outcome of yeast infection. Many a time not following hygienic habits leads to vaginal infections causing unbearable smell at times. This odor can be passed on to others and create embarrassing situation. Vaginal odor is a common thing which every woman faces more than once in a lifetime. There are few bacteria that breed on human body and when they increase in number you suffer from this odor. Few women may also experience thick discharge that smells like a fish.

Here are 4 tips that can help you get rid of vaginal odor.

Cleanliness makes a huge difference in keeping us away from all kinds of odors and infections. Always keep your vagina clean, especially after sex wash the residual semen in and around the vagina. Always use plain soap and water to wash your vagina as that will help restore the pH level.

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Today women are more fashion conscious and try a variety of patterns in panties. G stings, bloomers and synthetic material thongs may be fascinating while making love, but otherwise it's not hygienic. Always wear a lose cotton panty that can let in some air so that it does not create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Change your sanitary napkins frequently. Follow even better hygiene during menstrual period. Not being hygienic during these days can lead to infections and vaginal odor. Along with napkins you can also change your panty to avoid any odor. Women who sweat a lot can also change panties twice a day or wear thin pads to absorb the sweat.

It is good to make love regularly, however as a part of hygiene it is essential to clean and wash your vagina after the act. Letting in moisture in your panty can invite bacteria causing infection and odor.

If the discharge and vaginal odor still persists after taking these steps it is advisable to visit a gynecologist at the earliest as you may have some medical problem.

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Vaginal odor is certainly embarrassing and discomforting. Many a times the odor becomes quiet noticeable causing awkwardness. There is no woman who has not faced the problem of vaginal odor. It is the outcome of improper personal hygiene or yeast infections. Such an odor can make anyone stay away from you and thus you should treat it at the earliest. Not only out of embarrassment, but also as a precautionary measure, one should take medical help if the problem persists for long.

So, if you have been looking for instant ways to get rid of this odor, read on the 4 secrets that can save you from embarrassment.

There are several vaginal deodorants to help you get rid of the odor instantly. However, it is best used only when in a hurry. Prolonged use of deodorants on the vagina can deprive it of the essential pH balance.

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Change tampons, sanitary napkins and panties frequently to stay away from the odor. Women who sweat a lot can use a thin pad that can absorb the sweat and keep the area dry. This will not let any bacteria breed there and thus save you from awkward situations in public.

Many women try talcum powder to get rid of the unbearable odor. It is best to use cornstarch powder instead of talcum powder as it may add to the problem. Corn starch powder is a quick solution to get rid of vaginal odor when in a rush.

Use warm water to clean the vagina before you step out of the house. It is good to carry an extra cotton panty along to change when you experience the odor again.

Vaginal odor can be treated with honey, tea tree oil and yoghurt. The above steps are for women who need instant relief from the odor when attending a party or office.

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